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They say love can find you anywhere. Parties offices grocery stores hellscape. That is tinder but no one has ever found love on a podcast in a virtual hang out until now i'm your host tara michelle and welcome to blind dating a spotify original from podcast. Today we're helping polar a thirty three year old dating app virgin his perfect match. Welcome to blind date and fowler. Everybody was going on as i am aversion to dating out. You haven't been exposed to the tortures yet okay. So here's how the show works. You're about to meet two strangers. You'll have to get to know them as quickly as possible. But there's a twist you'll only be able to hear them throughout the show and you won't see who your potential love interests are until after you've made your choice so with all that being said you feel ready to meet the matches. Yeah definitely all about energy and vibes so. I think it's really cool that we don't get to see each other. I voyage no know. Which is i think very important. It's definitely key okay. So let's meet match number one kendra. She's an independent twenty-seven-year-old who always falls for the good mama's boy. Welcome to the show kendra. Thank you for having me. Thank you for being here. Let's hear a little bit about yourself. I am twenty seven years old. Originally from oregon. I'm a creative agency. Her and soon to be health coach. I enjoy cooking. I have been a few serious relationships with guys who have unfortunately turned out to be extremely emotionally immature so now at twenty seven. I'm looking for a man who knows what he wants and wants to be in a committed relationship but most importantly someone who has a strong faith and stands up for what he believes in. Hopefully polar has some emotional stability here to match. What you're looking for. My fingers are crossed and now polar. Let's meet and match to lila. She's eight twenty nine year old self proclaimed queen of situation ships. Welcome to the show lila. All right thanks for having me as exciting. Yeah thanks for being here. Let's hear a little bit about your backstory Twenty nine born and raised in los angeles california. I like to paint in my spare time. Bob ross style stuff. My past dating relationships are like i said situation ships mostly seems like there's nothing on my forehead that says six ten months and then the end so i would like to extend the ten months which would be very very nice. I'm with you extending past the ten months. Sounds like a good place to start simple. Let's wipe that off your forehead and let's move forward here okay. Polar are there any first impressions based on what you just heard things in boxes. And actually i love the fact that kendra loves to cook and loves food and also into health as well. I'm very active person in my lifestyle being identified. Try look off to myself and try to keep fit. The situation ship is really interesting to me. I think it just comes with being in l. a. Or maybe being born and raised in la. Perhaps being in australia. It's not as common of a thing. The dating scene out there on not to my knowledge. anyway. I've only been in long-term relationship so it's a very new experience to me so i'm kind of interested to hear more about that too. Hopefully welcome to los angeles city of situation ships very much so now that we've exchanged pleasantries and made our first impressions. Things are about to get personal. We're gonna get real deep real fast kendra lila. I'm gonna ask you a few questions to give polar a chance to get to know you a little bit more and see how well you all match up polar listen carefully because all want some answers from u2 absolute this all right let's jump right in what's your stance on open relationships kendra. I will let you answer this. I oh i'm gonna definitely say. I'm not a fan of open relationships. I'm all for it if you're for it but i probably just won't date you personally. It's just not something. That i'm looking for lila. What do you think. I was technically in one already in the past and it was an experience that i will never do again learned right. Yes lived learn and polar. What's your stance on open relationships. I can't say that i've ever experienced before. I don't how comfortable i would be with the data. It just the thought of a right now like maybe not. Maybe that's not for me. So i think we're all on the same page here. Yeah i think. I would just be too jealous. It'd be like. I don't want someone else spending time with you. you're my. I said what always ends up happening. Every thinks that lake. We're fine and then. I've been to those parties. A couple is not fine off tells me that just trying to make the other person happy and then yeah i think that's what it is. That's definitely where. I came from doing it and then it was like. Oh no never mind. This was stupid for me anyway. That's nice of you gave it a shot actually though moving on. What's your biggest turnoff lila. Oh gosh i think just people without manners. I grew up very hardcore. What pleases and thank you and do not treat people in food like rudeness. I worked in food do it. So that's a big thing for me. That's a really good. Actually i like that kendra big turnoff and would definitely have to agree with lila and selfishness. Yes yes selfish. People not for us. No and polar of course. What is your biggest turnoff. Yeah i would say dishonesty towards other people but also themselves. I just feel like if a person is dishonest with themselves in the first place than it's going to extend out to the other person as well so i think it's lots from within and i've had bad experiences before and just fan. Yeah understandably if you're dishonest their self. I don't even know how you can be honest with anyone else. If you're not looking at your reality exactly kendra. What's the most romantic thing that you've ever done for someone as a girl. Great question. well let's see. I know i totally put on the right girl and going through my memory to. I'm like no. I'm not a huge like hopeless romantic. I did gift somebody a pet kitten once that they were totally surprised by he really wanted one so maybe that i throw mandic sweet. Oh my god. That's that's actually adorable. Let's the greatest gift. I think anyone could ever get so. That's good okay lila. You had time to prep this one. So what's the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone. Somebody that didn't appreciate it. But i like to do road trips like even just late night once so we went late night. Drive to malibu. And coincidentally that night it was full moon and bioluminescence sand along the beach so there was like frolicking and like fun and nice times. And we stayed there 'til dawn and it was wonderful and then we broke up a couple months later. Oh at least you got a cool experience. Though i've been dying to see the bioluminescence wave yeah go near zuma beach during spring and polar. What is the most romantic thing. You've ever done for someone i would say. I'm a pretty big romantic. Kind of guy. I don't know if it's example is a good one. I moved countries for someone before. That's

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