Can We Finally Trust Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns?

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Kansas city with six consecutive playoff berth. Clinching the spot with what was narrow win over denver mahomes yet another three hundred yard passing game with no turnovers elsewhere. Kirk cousins kept the vikings in the playoff hunt. Three touchdowns helped erase a double digit deficit before dan. Bailey kicked a game. Winning field goal in overtime. Vikings back to five hundred and then is mitchell trubisky and the bears ten point lead late in the fourth quarter fumble leading to a pair of lines touchdowns and the bears lose again their sixth straight defeat after starting the season five and one and that was the conversation. That was focused on quarterbacks rex. Where your mind goes because the bears and that defense had a ten point lead in the fourth quarter. What yeah no. If you're the real deal then that game's over regardless of stupid play by the quarterback trubisky and and the play call the questionable. Play call at that situation. If you're that team the grind clark and i have been on those teams games overdue. It's flat out over if we're gonna show you how good we are. How great we are i instead that team right. There gave up four hundred fifty yards to the detroit lions. Yeah you really that good forget about you wanted your own i did. You never liked the eighty five bears. Well guess what you can't hold their jockstrap. And i'm sick and tired saying that you're good defense. Most talented deep dang danger. Don't play that. Yeah i see look. This is a team that a few weeks ago. I remember we were talking about the defense looking side. I'd the court the offense because they're struggling so much and again. They're in position to win the game. I'm getting so sick and tired of you. Guys talking out of both sides of your mouth. What do we always say. We wanna team to be together. We want total chemistry. We want complimentary cal not a bears fan not embarrassed land complimentary football. It sucked to what we want. Is it this. Why matt nagy was was brought to chicago so to offense defense would be on the same level you have it and get it and you wanna be right. This is not what it used to be. It's not what it even. Starting the season as being is not what we saw on thursday night against the tampa bay buccaneers and the question was asked early on in the season. It does this eventually wear on. The chicago bears defense. That's an excuse because of the field. It's those eleven players that are coach to play defense at at our coach to stop people. And if you to you had a perfect chance to get your team

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