Browns lost on out waiver claim on WR Dante Pettis

Boomer & Gio


And the giants play washington on sunday. They also claim wide receiver. Dante pettis off of waivers from the sky. Interesting right timing insurance. Yeah absolutely somebody hurt. I not that. I'm aware of them. Sure it's possible. But i'm not aware that we gotta remember dante. Pettis is a kick returner as well and the giants have had issues with that so that might be a reason why he's on. I hope they cut golden tate. Good riddance but it also could be for other reasons. You know the interesting thing is that it's a family member they got involved and got involved publicly and spoke for you know her husband know joe judge's right you know you you just. You can't have that happen. And all the players know there are all told about social media and what they you know what they can and when they do

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