The Key to Successfully Managing Remote Employees


A lot of managers for years have fought having remote employees because they just didn't feel they could keep their no with their employees redoing. They didn't trust their place. And i think we're we're going to enter a whole new era of This trust relationship trust and transparency transparency. Towards that i think will hear a great deal more of going forward in in management. Because we now you're right you can't see people you can't see what they're doing but you certainly can know whether or not they're they're they're at productivity is working. They're working whether they're at home or whether they're sitting in your office if the communication issue i love some of the great stories that i've been hearing about how successful managers have been using all kinds of ways to keep in touch with their employees including a hurt wonderful examples of senior managers owners of companies or high level vice presidents or executive directors nonprofit to actually make an individual phone call to an employee just to check in to see how they're doing and this is having a tremendous effect on productivity and engagement and loyalty and all kinds of things. It sounds really. You know hokey to say that you need to pick up the phone which nobody has used it a long time. We're all used to using email text. I am in dmz and whatever but the phone calls now. I really having a very very profound effect. So i think we're all going to be learning as we go. It's it's there's lots of lessons that we can learn canopy done. I think there was some very great examples of organizations that are being very successful with managing remote workers. And we'll all get better at it as we go Now i think one of the bigger issues as we're going through all this is managing the stress levels and and just the difficulty of of Families and people with with children and having to teach as both. Do you work at all of these other issues that are are hugely impacting right now today in twenty twenty absolutely and i like what you mentioned is the senior level managers actually calling employees. Because it's a two way street. It's not just about you know management being able to monitor productivity but. I'm also hearing that employees. Want to know that they still belong. That it's not just the zoom call is over and now okay. I'm in my four walls. got my computer. But i'm wondering if the next email or text messages says ohana you're highly qualified but your services are no longer needed. You know. i think there's that fear fear and that financial insecurity about how secure is my job. When i could get axed any moment in an uncertain economy so somebody reaching out by phone who can call and say hi barbara. How are you doing is everything. Okay i mean to know your name. Oh my gosh. i don't very powerful. I've i've heard wonderful stories of a senior people who've done it. And their first of all they are blown away by the response they get which is encouraging as a senior manager director. Vp or even the ceo to get that kind of feedback wonderful but the impact. It has on the employees and you cannot measure that no that that's huge. It's not only they know who i am but they come across as caring so when say those is is really important but making it in the first instance is just really as you said incredibly

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