Obama’s plea in Atlanta to Georgia Democrats: ‘Put this country back on track.’


Moments of campaign 2020. The Biden campaign strongest surrogate mounted the Democrats closing argument in Georgia. From member station W. A B in Atlanta, AMA Hurt has more on Barack Obama's final pitch at a drive in rally President Obama focused on George's to Senate races and the importance of taking control of the chamber. He said Georgia could be where the country gets quote back on track, and not just because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a chance to win Georgia. But you've got the chance TTO flip to Senate seats. I said, Well, I gotta go. I gotta come. Obama follows campaign stops from President Trump and Senator Kamala Harris to Georgia. The rally was held in the shadow of the tower, where the torch burns during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. That was the last time Georgia received this kind of final stretch attention from a Democratic presidential campaign. For

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