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Talk a lot about the importance of content. What that means how we tell our story And for many of you Derek and i were actually just talking about this before we jumped in. You know for many you. The challenges is you may own a business or you may be representing a business at a high level. And you're trying to understand how to navigate the waters telling your own story All the while supporting the organization you work for of looking forward to getting into that today but for now derrick. Welcome to the podcast man. How are you doing well. Thanks for me. Ryan awesome so Content is a we're jumping right in right like content is this you oftentimes ambiguous statement right. It's like content. What is that well. It's a whole lot of things So but when people approach you and they say hey you know. I hear that you do content. You help you with their content driving revenue What what is it that you typically breakdown for them into some sort of simple terms that they can understand. Yeah so it's funny because even for me content it is kind of ambiguous thing like content. Okay so it's even kind of like the term marketing like. I think you know if you get more experience. You can wrap around marketing but when people come to being the struggle with marketing. I'm like that can mean a lot of things. Let's get a little more specific so content if we were to define it before even getting into you know why it's important how to create it all that sorta stuff content if you think about Really it's what people are consuming so that could be a. I like to think of the senses right. The the written content. You see it. You know what you see here In terms of videos articles a podcast like this is a piece of content Youtube videos a piece of content and instagram post. A facebook post is a piece of content in email. That you sent out to. Your audience is a piece of content right. And if you wanna get a l- you know not necessarily content marketing specifically but i think it's useful to think about any time you're opening your mouth in you're talking to someone that has an opportunity to create content and gary v actually would be a good example. That's like just bring a film crew and everything is now content like any conversations. He's having answering questions. All of that is now a possibility of creating this content and you know we can dive deeper into why content but there's the same content is king and that's really if i were to have to summarize it has one core purpose is to build the no like entrust factor. You know people get to know like and trust you the individual salesperson if you're part of the staff but it's also know like entrust your business overall when people have more choices than ever so people are kind of like dating someone like i kinda wanna get to know you a little bit and the content is like here's a little bit about us Your philosophy people get to know you your content and then once you build that no like entrust than it opens up the possibility for now the sales process okay so i appreciate so many things that you said in air. One of the big things is no like interest rate so it's this age old adage that sales people have been told for an eternity right forever. It's like people have to know you like you trust you in order to buy from you. What's been interesting for me is over the course of my sales careers and twenty twenty years now. Twenty one years. I've watched people go from this desire. To have people independently no like entrust them to having people know like entrust their business or their their corporate brand. Which i know. That's important too. But i keep trying to pull people back into. We do business with people. I don't i don't do business with a company and so did you see that as a common challenge when you're when you're in the space trying to help people create content. Tell their own story. Do you feel that. There's that tension they're trying to bring people back to like an individualized no like entrust versus justin corporate one. Yes so people in this is a shift that happened for me. And i'll say this even though it's not directly related to create your own content it's important mindset shift. Which is i think when i am wanting to Pitch a company. You know if your salesperson you want to connect with a company and i think about going to pitch this business. And that's really hard and i'll give it practical so i wrote for success dot com and i wanna okay. I wanna pitch success to feature me in them. That is hard for the brain to wrap around him. What the shift was the go. No not you not pitching this company. You're pitching the editor. Who is a human being who i can look up by name. I can see in this case as a woman what she what she values what she's all about. Now all i gotta do is connect with her wanted the decision makers and that shifts our whole focus so i mean in sales you're connected with people in the the prospect is connecting you you. You're connecting with them and as human beings were hardwired to connect with other humans. One on one not. These ambiguous sort of nebulous brands. Or whatever so even a practical thing a lot of times when sending emails. This isn't an absolute but if you can make your email From person you know even if it's someone at the company that creates a deeper psychological connection so now for you as an individual person. I'm i'm with you ryan like you want to have that personal connection and yes.

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