Managing Marital Entropy...Why Doing Something, ANYTHING For Your Better Than Nothing At All!

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And there you will find a short e book that describes five myths that people overlook when trying to remove pornography from their lives once and for all again. That's path back recovery dot in pathak two point. Oh is just exciting. So every wednesday now is part of the path back two point. Oh actually do on our long queue a and we're getting a pretty good group together. That is showing up week after week. There's the forum. now that is active and flourishing. so if you're interested in even just checking out the q call gooden. Email me at contact at tony over bay dot com and i will give you access to that. Qa call and you can take a look at what the path back two point. Oh is really about and speaking of groups. I mentioned this on a few different episodes. And i have started a group and it is for women who are in relationships with or have gotten out of relationships with men who have narcissistic tendencies or even fogo narcissistic personality disorder. So if you're interested in that please. Email me again at contacted tony over bay. Dot com and I can give you more information on that. And i'm just grateful to be able to even have a group like that There's just a lot of good. That's taking place there. I wanted to read a quick review that came in this week. And this is one of those things where i love when i listened to podcast and they read the reviews and i forget i neglect to do this. But there's a funny part in here. Seems like a setup the review says. This is one of my favorite podcasts. Listen to as. I wait for this podcast that come out each week. I am so thankful that tony would share wisdom and expertise with everybody for free all capital letters. I feel like. I've learned so much in love the personal growth from his podcasts. Thank you tony. Making a difference in the world and it says. Ps tony needs to sell merchandise. If he isn't already i would totally wear it. And that just made my day. Because i literally sitting here with a virtual couch blue puffy jacket on and a virtual couch beanie and last night on my run have my virtual couch tech fabric running shirts and i have not made those available to anyone yet but man. My family is inundated with virtual couch. Beanies in virtual couch hoodies and virtual cow jackets. And i'm just having a lot of fun with that. So i probably will start posting a little bit. Maybe some pictures of the merchandise on instagram. So you can go over to the couch. And if i can figure out how to do with what all the cool kids do on instagram. As far as doing contests and that sort of thing. I have a lot of extra merchandise that i've been making and having made and just really enjoying that. I and i. I appreciate a kathy who that review. So if you feel so inclined nothing warms my heart more than anybody taken the time to re rate and review the wherever you find your podcast so i want to get to today's episode. There's a real quick caveat believe that's the right use of the word. I did a video so the video is up on my virtual couch youtube channel. And i would love for you to go check it out there and subscribe if you think about it. Hit subscribe on the youtube. The youtube the youtube 's these days the youtube. But you can subscribe. That would be great. And the reason. I'm bringing that up right. Now is the audio i feel like is a little bit Tenny a little bit hollow. Once i cut over to the audio that accompanies the youtube video and The recording is great. Didn't in a nice four k webcam that i love using but the audio was. Maybe not as strong as i would have enjoyed. So i'm gonna try to to polish that up with the audio filter but i feel like you're going to hear a slight decrease or degradation in audio which is hard for me because i've tried to ever since it was like episode nine. I think i had a guest on my buddy eric. Schranz who runs the ultra runner. Podcast talking about being a stay at home dad and right when we were done he gave me a couple of tips and a program that i could sweeten the audio and so i've done that Sense so i really hope that that will take care of the audio. Because it's definitely different sales so i just wanted to make you aware that i was aware of that. And i mentioned that a minute ago but head over to virtual couch the instagram account. And also you can go to tonio dot com and there's a lot there now i have to tell you.

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