Why Understanding People Helps You Create | Interview with Ryan Tedder


And continue playing around with interview format of just interesting people doing interesting things and today. What am i favored entrepreneurs. And i'm excited to say that is a very funny feeling The millions of people over the next five decades that. Listen to this or watch this video or listening to this. Podcast will will be intrigued. Me stating my one of my favorite entrepreneurs when i'm talking about really one of the great music icons of my generation one of the great songwriters one of the band members one of the great music personalities hetero with me today. I think we'll talk about a bunch of stuff including our love affair with great friend. A ton sugarman But but more. Importantly i'm gonna try some new things on this format i decided i love ryan's business brain and we're gonna talk about some current events and different things And really just how. Humans work. Because i think when you're a songwriter. At his scale just knowing what humans will be touched by is a skill. I feel like i haven't in certain ways. I feel like others that i observed have it and i think ryan has at the highest level so ryan. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me gary. How do when people actually said that when somebody like literally is on a plane up. Here's a good one. You get on a plane know and you're flying and somebody looks so sitting next to you just nice cordial combo about to take off and she or he just says. Hey so what do you do. How do you answer that. That's a really interesting question. I do get asked that on occasion. And i say i typically say. I'm in a little bit. Little bit of that is my first answer. And because if i get into what i do specifically i kinda give them phases to see. Am i gonna engage this conversation. Health are gonna go right when you say that when you say that some people may just clam up and pay. This guy's got the tattoos on his arms. Maybe some shading remember like let's see how if they want to double click into the brick. I see if they went and double. Click the add right. So i kind of a very nice very cordial on airplanes and i've had some phenomenal conversations. But if they go further than i say. I'm in newsweek. What would you do songwriter. I'm also recording artist. And i you know when you had the record if you if it's funny this is so interesting. How life works if you kind of have some work to do or you're tired or not feeling great or just don't want engage. You may go all the way you may hold off. The recording artists part right can just say songwriter. You can kinda up move on this go to recording artists. Like oh who are you. Yep correct one hundred percents in in a lot of times. What happens though on airplanes. I'm not like that. I'm at that kind of comfortable level of notoriety or celebrity. Where i noticed like in la or new york or wherever maybe once or twice a day i get stopped right on the usually very respectful very cool when i'm in an enclosed airplane for six hours or whatever it is that's i'm not trying to get stop. You know what i mean in in the flight attendants very often know who i am. And so that will kind of t- it off but more or less you. I try to see. How far do you wanna go down this road. I leave out the recording artists. I focus on songwriting. And a lotta times. I have great conversations because people are fascinated about songwriting. They don't understand it. So yeah it's i've had. I've had that conversation more times. I can count when you consider. When did you know you want it to be a songwriter. And why i knew. I wanted to be a songwriter. In nineteen ninety four ninety five when i found out that there was a guy named baby face writing all these boys to men records on bended knee and like into the road. And then i discovered diane warren and once i discovered that old. How old were you apologize. How iowa's mid-nineties. I was fourteen and this was the first time like wait. There's humans that do that. The person that singing it isn't necessarily writing it. Oh that's neat. That was the equivalent of being eight and finding out santa claus wasn't real because for most people they assume that they're artists and to some to some extent like bands very often bands write their own material. That's very like you know exclusive club. But once i discovered that a lot of my favorite records were written by three or four people It was like oh my god. That is the coolest job of all time. 'cause you get the access but you don't necessarily have to be front facing and so then i go head for since oh writing but i was doing that.

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