The Zeit Of Monte Trendo 11/17: Fleet, Dolly Parton, Mardi Gras, Sports, Music Facts - burst 5


Ryan. Apparently that was j. Let go for for no royalties. There's the other one that was saying that If you like tribe called quest the hot sex on a platter video q tip is wearing a mask because you've got a black eye when he was jumped by rex in effect because five had them in previous track. I'm like yes i'm old. Gimme all these facts. Rex fan fiction. I would have made up when i was eleven. Tip fought wrecks and effect would the thing. They're saying well that correction came out because the first tweet to that thing was saying q tip was in a rapper fight club and that's how we got a black guy and someone's like nine now from the fight club it's from when rex effect jumped him and then but then they're like well. He was still in the rapper fight club. So there's rapper. Fight clubs there's jumpings. I guess it's all. I love shit like this. Even when it's not real like there's something about music and hip hop. They're such little to know about what's happening behind the scenes aside from like dish tracks like an the odd article here and there that when you get this kinda shit. I'm like guess more more more. be speaking of samples. Since you're mentioning. My favorite sample. That i found was from the song. Six god is a sample from donkey kong country to. Yeah then yeah exactly exactly found. That's so that that is fun. Shutout forty this other one. I don't know if you remember the song. The legendary song on and on by eric do in the beginning when she was like that. Oh that's because she hit her head on the microphone when they were tracking talking to the booth. So funny funny. You guys know about bin laden being in love with whitney houston. I saw that back. I didn't know that at all. But that is wild man and to the point that he wanted to murder bobby brown to like to me with her. Make whitney his wife because you bin laden addicts coke anything you know what. Call off nine eleven. actually. I don't know if that's a good call i'm getting i'm kinda getting cold feet man. It sounds like you'd be all bad for The other another good one. Oh on this track ghetto superstar again. We don't know if any of this is real will treated israel. Because i love stories like this on ghetto superstar or from the u. bulworth soundtrack famously featuring od. Be pros and maya. Odbc was not supposed to be on the track. Apparently they said he just went to the wrong studio and they were doing a session and he asked paws. He's like oh. Let me get on there and prizes like okay. All right like what am i saying. No to fucking. Odbc hotline here is some of the best just like ambient nonsense in the history of music from deeply when he was just on on for an entire decade on on more with s. Wbz right here thing that's forever think s. d. w. b. That's ferrall why that's a sample. Because also remember he worked with teddy riley. that's that was his mentor and he actually wrote. Teddy riley's verse in rump shaker. Wow one of the greats The the vocals from all the lights are alicia keys. John legend drake fergie. Kid cudi elton john. Charlie wilson Charlie wilson's war. No the politician. yeah m. riano of course not a bunch of people whose names i don't know

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