Hurricane Iota makes landfall over Nicaragua as an 'extremely dangerous' Category 4 storm


Just two weeks after hurricane to rip through the same region, Iota slammed into Central America late last night as a Category four storm with 155 mile per hour winds were expecting that aid is rain that came just a couple of weeks ago will enhance the rain. That is falling from hurricane iota now, so where could be some scenes and exacerbated flash flooding and landslides, especially in the highest elevation, so a dangerous situation unfolding in Nicaragua? That is ABC meteorologist Melissa Griffin reporting Me one South Florida banding together to help those that are impacted by both of these devastating storms. Local nonprofits are collecting items to be shipped to Central America. The Caribbean for those impacted by ETA and iota, good for the poor in Coconut Creek is collecting supplies one organizer, saying that they've already sent 96 containers of 8 to 6 countries, including Honduras. Organizer with love and strength. Honduras. Inderal is pretty concerned, though, about how people there will be dealing with the two catastrophe peace with such a short period of time between them.

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