60: Horsing Around

Israel Story


Did you bring your coffee. Broad enough for everyone on one of the very first days after the second lockdown ended. I drove up north with clarify michael. Va our production interns. Our destination was visited the lean. A small farm perched on a hill overlooking the sea of galilee on the way we covered some very crucial topics weights. You can watch bora to from israel. Thought it wasn't available here. I think it's available on amazon prime. It's an amazon prime exclusive. Think can you get that here. Yeah i have an account three hours later. We arrived okay so here we are mike. Do you want to call then yell. Yeah yeah sure. Galil was established in nineteen sixty one by your nine you the after it was meant to be a kind of local version of a dude ranch where cowboys and cowgirls would go horseback riding in. Pretend they were in montana. She's not answering. So should i be writing. Okay so should we go find the find the stables go there today it has lovely lodgings famous meat restaurant and of course a large force writing center. We were there to meet up. With the neil the head trainer in fittingly we found her in the arena galloping on her gorgeous black mayor shadow. Hi my name is danielle detonate. I'm twenty seven years old. I am the main trainer in variegated stable. But did the niyaz boyfriend was standing off to the side holding up his phone. Yeah my name is dead locker. I'm from israel of course from keyboards gavin originally. What is your role here now. I'm just doing deal says yeah. I think he said it's right. Okay okay so you're up. You need to film now right now. I'm gonna fill the so. Can we stand next to you when you fill you. Ensure no problem Khuda in why you might ask. Was the dead filming. The neil sheehan shadow completed a crazily intricate obstacle course which included jumping and balancing and turning sideways in walking backwards in all kinds of other maneuvers. Well so in israel we have a fair trial competition now because we cannot everybody come with their whole says and their people to one place because the corner so we do throughout show tried her films him or herself completing the exact same course but in different arenas and stables farms around the country then they submit their home videos to a judge who determines the winner that morning did was shooting. The neal's submission for the twenty twenty israel championship. And you're just filming on your iphone right. Some people can have a better cameras. There are a lot of pressure to film this correctly. Are you afraid of the neil. Would yell at you. If you a few screwed i e exactly you. You should know how cities if you have the perfect one. And then i was like. I'm so sorry. My finger was on the camera. Honestly that is smart to be afraid you see. The sport is called extreme cowboy in the near green supreme. The last three years she got israeli champion. And what's really special about the nail in this sport that she just started four years ago is non pro rider like for hobby and she got really good in it so she wanted to take it like living up and get more professional last year. She even flew to texas to the world championship. I was compete in the won't show in the international that its against all people from the other world great any trillion. If rant's spelled yeah everybody comes to their the nian finished third and then i see that you've embraced the cowgirl look Like what are you wearing exactly. I have boots with spurs and jeans. I have better noun sheds. I have a home. Combo embedded with feedback l. a. Win in the xy a chevrolet show in israel and hats. The nian wouldn't say so but she's definitely buying another championship. Buckle do think that you're going to win this year's extreme competition. I hope that we cannot than there was a bit more bullish. I'm not the right person to ask because if you ask me. She's always gonna win but they both snow her. Chances are pretty good after all. The neil has a secret advantage shadow. This is chad though. Soa softer yeah. We did have a shampoo and conditioner away and she eats go in. I brush every day and shower every day. So she's very good health. The horses get corner by the way them. Okay she's in israeli horseshoe was born here and she bought me. Yeah she's like really israeli hopes. What makes her the really israeli horse. She combines different Breeds in her. And this is kind of like the israeli person like no one here is like one hundred percent american or one hundred percent. The moroccan something like that like and she with me like a twelve years. And we have very specially in connection shadows. Ears perked up when we were talking about so the neon went over. Gave her a big hug in a giant treat.

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