Why the Georgia Senate Runoff Elections Matter


Let's talk about these runoffs. That's happening january. Fits for georgia. We have senator. David perdue running against david also off and then we have reverend raphael warnock going against khalil. Lafler a Jacob can you explain to listeners. How important this is for georgia to win the senate for the democrats okay and so important thing about it. Is i think that people think the presidency is the polish right. And they don't understand that it's really the legislative branch which congress congress has the power. They'd passed the laws. The president's job is to sign laws into power. Have you signs off on it. But he's not really the guy that it aside from executive orders executive orders are not laws right they can be overturned but no matter which president comes laws are passed by congress right it goes from the house. Representatives to the senate in laws of pat. So again you have laws. Currently that's been bills that have been four hundred bill sitting with mitch mcconnell. He hasn't passed. And that's because republicans. Control the senate simple bills at nonpartisan bills. Kamala harris and tim cook from south carolina republican Senate on the anti lynching. Bill blocked by mitch mcconnell. Simple things like you know first responders bills right that helps them blocked by mitch mcconnell. There's many bills that sitting there for hundred because he has the ability to do it because the republicans control the senate ranks it will data with matt would what what a what. Joe biden does at that moment. if he doesn't have a lot more control a set because what you run into is. He sends a bill down a he goes to. Congress said hey i want to. I want to put this particular bill right now. He talks about systematic races and he turns around to nancy pelosi. And says hey. I want to do something about systematic racism and they create a bill and because the democrats control the house right. They can pass that bill. Then it goes to the senate mitch. Mcconnell and the republicans who says there's no such thing assistant Can block and then. Joe biden didn't have the water that bill down to a bill that they think is worse than passing less removing things from it or adding things to just so the republicans pick pass it or he'll have to as an executive order and lo and behold for years from now of a of a trump gets elected again just reverse and will react to start again and so the important thing is if you get and a ed to place but democrats and republicans will then have equal amount of people in the senate and kamala harris i'll mix vp. The vp of the united states is the president of the senate. Yes yes oh she will sit there and then she will be the deciding. Vote on all these lots should break the filibuster and so if you wanna see certain laws get through. It's important to get out and get these. These two gentlemen elected as sems. Senators have more power than almost anyone in this country. As where does that but they did. The president uniquely enough. If you look at the history. America but president was really put into place to deal with international affairs more than he was put into place to deal with domestic affairs. Congress really dealt with domestic affairs. The president was really because it was a of different states right and they operate with only kind of presidents called governors. Had been own congress with investigates which is the paper had on supreme court's that they own police force their own military force but they did not know how to deal with national international issues. Like hot. who's gonna deal with us. We're going to deal with london. England who's going to france was going to deal with germany. And who's going to deal with all this stuff international fuss. We need to nominate a national guy in place undo. Vat stunts for us. That's how it originally started loan and so the as time went by the president became more and more empowered but at the beginning. They just wanted him to deal with like. How much are we going to sell. Cotton ustralia for. Who's gonna talk to australia for us. We can't have fifty governors right right so we have to nominate two senators. I stay with nominate people from within the district's in america to go to a federal house. We got to nominate someone on top of them and then they can handle the guys on of the senators on the house of representatives which created congress national dishes fuss and then the president can handle international issues like if we decided to go to war outside. The president can do that right internally. We can handle right. So that's how it really started. As time went by the federalist which is people that wanted federal power to control more the president of more and more more more power within the state within the country so always understand that senators have a ton of i and we have to make sure and the map is set up. It's two senators for state. It doesn't matter if your california was sixty million. You're you're not the cold with nine hundred thousand. It's two senators per state and if you notice there's more red states than there are blue states so it's very interesting high back stabler thing. Worse and senators can stop everything they they they're responsible for nominating supreme court justices involved in pass laws and the bacon block you. It doesn't matter. What joe biden tries to do. You'll have to use the executive power or he has the water down that bill right to stop you. Don't like lights cryer. Bill ninety four where he had the water bill down as a senator so that to get the republicans supporting you get three strikes. You're out and then you get this. Mass incarceration everybody gets mad at him and he's like well. I can't acid through the senate without involved in them because we don't control the senate and so they put things in and we put things in and you get bills that don't turn out the way you want it to but you try to get the best of both worlds to get the republicans to sign off. So it's important to understand that we can't put the president in place and not help him with backing him up with the senate the vp can sit there and as the president of the senate. She can help to move things away. We need to move

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