Election 2020 Analysis: Bethany Mandel, Ron Kampeas


Mandel is an editor writer and podcast at ricochet and online hub. For conservative conversation she's also a rising social media star and conservative columnist. Who has garnered quite a bit of attention. In recent months decrying the government overreach of quarantine restrictions and going from being a never trumper in two thousand sixteen to supporting the president's twenty twenty reelection in a recent column in the forward she talks about why pollsters trying to project the election's outcome got it so wrong once again but don't expect this conversation to be a breakdown of methodology and shifting demographics. Her explanation is much simpler than that and she will explain bethany. Welcome to people of the pot. I think you so much for having me. I'm sorry for the puppy noise. You might hear in the background okay. Now before we begin. I want to remind our listeners. Ajc is a nonpartisan five. Oh one c. Three not for profit entity that neither endorses nor opposes candidates for elective office. So anything i say or ask or challenge really is in pursuit of an explanation. Because i do want our audience to listen so bethany for those who did not read your column. Tell us why. Pollsters predicted a blue wave that we did not see in last week's election so i think that there's going to be a lot of explanations that become clear over the next few months there might be problems with the way that they call people how they call people but i noticed anecdotally and i was saying for months beforehand the most simple explanation for why i thought that it would be extremely close or why the president would garner. Reelection is just because people were lying because they didn't feel comfortable telling the truth and when they would get a call who you voted for from a stranger because you don't actually know who upholstery is. And you can't confirm their identity on the phone When they get a call from pollster hi. I'm just curious for you're voting for. They're not going to tell you on the phone who they're voting for. And in my column i give a story that i thought was really illustrative of my thinking on it coming up prior to the election. Which was i have a. I have a girlfriend who lives in a swing state. i think it's north carolina. And i asked her at the outset of our conversation who e-voting for just sort of in passing and she said. I am still undecided. I don't know what to do and we had a very long conversation. And what we're really talking about was actually. She was doing a conference that got cancelled by a social media. Mob and people were falsely accused of racism. Yada yada and the entire six months of work that she did for the conference just went up in smoke and and it was cancelled and so we were talking about that. And i said this is the kind of stuff that makes people vote for trump. Because he talks about this. Like social media mobs the cancel culture in all these things and i was kind of laughing about how this experience would make her into a trump voter over the course of our conversation. I said yeah. I'm voting for trump this summer on. I never thought i would have done that for years ago. And she was like wait. A second you are and i forgot that. She doesn't follow me on social media. She doesn't know. Sort of where i fall and i said yeah my buddy for trump and she was like oh i am too. I mailed ballots in weeks ago. And she's a friend of mine and we were having an hour long conversation and it was only after i told her that i was voting for president trump that she admitted that she was as well. And so we finished texting. And i looked at my husband and i said the polls were wrong. If this woman who i've known for five years didn't feel comfortable telling me who she was voting for until i told her there's no way we'll no much was made that there were fewer undecided voters in this year's polls but also sounds like what you're saying is that there was even smaller number because those who said they were undecided or at least some of them voted for trump right or they were lying and they said they were voting for biden instead. I i think that that's definitely a possibility as well. Okay now why would they have said president biden. What been the reasoning there. That's the safe answer in this. Cancel culture environment that you know voting for vice. President biden was stackable incorrect dancer. But i think that I think that a lot of people probably unfit apply. I'm curious if you've gotten any feedback from people who read your column and said how dare you call us liars absolutely. Not every single person understood. Even i as someone who works in the media until the eleventh hour did not want to say i was voting for president trump. Because i knew that every time he does something stupid from then on out people with throw that calm back in my face and say this is what you signed on for whatever reality. I'm like. I signed a deal with the devil and i knew i was signing a deal with the devil and i'm not not raw about him. I'm not maga- it's it's an unfortunate situation and it is what it is something that really frustrated me in the wake of biden's election was people sort of saying koumba. Let's all come together and we're were you three years ago. Where were you last year. Why didn't you speak up for the covington. Boys and pete buttigieg was one of the people who was saying it and your staffer. Literally making lists of trump administration employees to blacklist them and to strip them of their livelihood and i think people across the spectrum have different opinions of people who worked in the administration. I know a million of them and they understood the deal that the that the devil that they made to and they were trying to uniformly serve our country and to mediate. Trump's trump. Nece and i think they did a great job and i am appreciative of the work that they did in every single department they worked in and they made it possible for us to come out of the last four years. Fine we're fine as a country and pete bridges people. His former staff are making lists of all of these people and pitas coming out. And saying you know. Let's all come together. I'm like okay. Put your money where your mouth is and publicly denounced what your staff are doing. Where is that being reported. I don't know where it's being reported. It's called the trump accountability project. And if you google it. I'm sure only conservative media are covering it because that's how it is. They had a website called trump accountability project. And it's time for people to put their money where their mouth is a little bit on this and no one is and michelle. Obama tweeted something the other day. That was you know. Half of americans who voted for him are x y. You know the whole litany of and this is not. I don't know how you move forward. When that when the former first lady is impugning the motives of half of the americans that voted for for trump. And you're not. You're not voting for racism. You're not voting for you. Know i think. I think that's a really simplistic way of looking at things. And it's also a really divisive and toxic way and if biden wants to actually move forward in a kun-bae off fashion say something about what michelle obama tweeted now. I want to reiterate what you said at the beginning. Bethany that this is just your theory. it's based on anecdotal evidence. There are many reasons why the polls might not have panned out this year. But let me ask you this. Not all pollsters work for media some work for politicians who are trying to assess what their constituents want. Do you think people understand that. Not being truthful about their preferences might undermine the whole democratic process. Do you believe that so. That's an interesting question. Because in some part it undermines the thesis of my piece because we saw that the internal polling that was done by campaigns was actually far superior to that of the media companies. And i think that people are more apt to trust a cloister that is not in the media because people don't trust the media dot readily and that distrust has been well earned by the media but the internals that we can gather that the biden campaign was getting told them to go to georgia and it seemed like a crazy idea and they were right to do so. So i i think that the internal polls that campaigns had were better than the media hat by. I don't think it undermines the democratic process because is not essential to the democratic process. It just it gives campaigns some idea of where they should be focusing and what their messaging should be but overall the democratic process is completely hinged upon votes. And that's really what counts at the end of the day well bethany. Thank you so much for. Your thoughts really intriguing thoughts. I really appreciate that. And i hope our listeners. Think about it i hope. I hope you've given them food for thought. Thanks

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