GM's Toxic Brownfield, the Flint River and Buick City

Radio Free Flint


Pieces is a chemical known to cause cancer flint municipal water processing. Plant is north of the city. Buick city brownfield site is more to the pollution story at the buick city brownfield site according to the us environmental protection agency. They determined buick. City contain soil and groundwater which includes under underground water supplies contaminated with various petroleum products and chemicals and metals some of the groundwork and the metals were talking about solvents in lead some of the groundwater under viewing city contains free floating petroleum products called l. n. a. p. l. this which is usually difficult to remove various contaminants have been identified at the site. Fifteen l. a. p. l. areas were found some with the p. c. b. chemical a group of toxic persistent chemicals used in electric transformers and capacitors insulating purposes and in gas pipeline systems as lubricants the sale and new use of. Pcb's were banned by law in nineteen seventy nine although large reservoirs of pcb's remain in the environment. Mind you in the seventies we contamination of pcb's in from midland and eventually the pcb's ended up in our food chain in michigan. And thus the law nineteen seventy nine. That banned the product altogether at the buick. City site soils also were contaminated with battles that means volatile semi volatile organic compounds which include thinners solvents as well as metal lead groundwater was contaminated with volatile organic compounds and semi volatile organic compounds. Again we're talking about thinners and in solvents and Other dissolved metals which was led which gets into the groundwater which at buick city has been contaminated by general motors. surface-water impacts are also present from storm sewer outfall. So that means that the solvents thinners and other other dissolved metals have been found in the storm sewer which is the drains that go off into the flint. P. fas impact is on the ground water. The storm water and the sanitary sewers. So we find the peaceful have completely overrun this place. It sounds like or at least an infected the entire water water system throughout that brownfield site. Now where does that leave us in flint. Where does that leave you. Wherever you may be sitting at certainly isn't good news to find out all this and how come it's being downplayed. I know we have an election coming up. We have the water crisis. Ongoing we have covid nineteen virus and we have a lot of other social problems in flint. Not the least of which is a high in from metality rate which ranks with any country in the third world the most viable site for future development in our area. Which is the buick city. Brownfield site appears to be a poison toxic wasteland now the city fathers and mothers area leaders want this site to become something beautiful. Want this to be one of the things that brings us out of our out of the city's doldrums in down in the dumps but this site until its environmental situation can be resolved will never be part of the solution for flint michigan. It's economic and employment problems. Thus those who work with this want to downplay the impact of its pollution not to let others and the outside world know that. It's a serious as it is. Because that would affect the marketing of the of the site again short-term goals long-term disaster As it stands today we only look at this as a marketing problem. I think it's time we look at it as a criminal problem. These people who have who have repeatedly and it's obvious this is repeated because it happened many places over a long period of time when the law ban certain chemicals and products and their duty to report it end to mediate it before. General motors went. Bankrupt is is something to give some thought to. Why didn't all that happen. And so when it comes to the buick city site a site that's Economy has impacted this region for decades. Environmental justice is needed for what has been discovered

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