Giving is the Greatest Game in the World | HBCU Battle of The Brains Keynote


Your water. Whatever it is that you needed because the main event each year we are excited. Super excited to welcome in gary vantage gary I can't even describe all the things. He's amazing. I know that i follow on i g in every video inspiration in whenever i need to get my stuff together There are some choice words. It helped me do. Just when i'm feeling sorry about myself. So welcome thank you so much for joining. It is really nice to be your. Hello everybody thank you for for inpatient. And i'm really excited to be a part of this high alexis you awesome. I know. I know that we don't have time. I wanna jump right into it. Look the reason why we're doing this. Event in november is because kobi in a back in february march and we had the postponed the event itself by selfless you. Graciously came on board after our june. Hec you office hours event And one of the things that stands out to me whenever. I'm watching your videos. Is you talk about fighting through adversity. Well we haven't seen verse times like these and we have students that are that are entering. The workforce are entering the world and it was different than the world that they planned. Yes what would. What would you tell an species student or student puree about navigating the space that embracing the opportunity said it provides well first of all you know i love to talk about things in real life is theory and you know i think if we can shoot it super straight there. There may not be a better time to be coming from an hp hugh than right. Now maybe in the history of time. I think the there is a a very strong percents. They're just specially of coastal businesses. That are more interested in hiring black employees than ever before. That's just the truth of what is happening. Because i have big years on the street like like it's that's what's happening so first of all you know. Obviously there are some industries whether you're an airline industry. If you're in the events business there's some industries that have been hit hard by cove it on the flip side. There's a ton of companies that are exploding during this time. Direct to consumer food brands. You know palestine's busy and pal busy. And probably i don't wanna speak for them because i don't know but awake and thoughtful about recruiting black employee talent. That's so i don't know. I hope everybody's watching this right now excited. I know it's a little tense in the air. I know the elections not settled. I'm sure i don't want to speak for people's politics because they go in both directions but you know it's it's it's it's a at some level everyone's anxious and everyone's excited 'cause i think everyone's trying to claim victory here but the reality is that i think there's more opportunity and so you know. I think it's good. I think this is not the recession. This is not nine eleven. This is not where everyone gets affected. This is there's a winners and losers with covert and there's a lot of companies hiring like crazy and i believe that the country is in a place where there's more jobs available for each you graduates than there. Were twenty four months ago period and a story some excited for a lot of people that are watching this right now to be frank and so you need to go in with that optimism. And truth. I mean i'm happy and we'll go into q. And am happy to answer anything of where my perspective is on that. But if you know. If i'm a lot of people are watching right now like pretty excited. If you'll just graduating i. I feel like in the beginning of the summer. We are in the beginning of spring. We saw like everything else pool because nobody knew exactly where right ecksteen people getting scared kids graduating in may and june and jobs are going away and people are getting scared then within you know the next five months between george floyd which was a situation that made people really look at themselves and things settling from an economy where people realize okay. Some companies really lost but some companies. Really one i'm just gonna say it again. I believe a lot of progressive organizations are growing by the second and our look. I mean i don't have to look very far. Anybody watching vader media is going to be hiring a lot over the next eight to twelve weeks growing. We need a lot of entry level mathematical media. People we need creative people and we need psychological anthropology for strategy and we are very focused on doing a very good job in recruiting black talent. That's just a truce. So and i think that there's tens of thousands it definitely thousands of businesses. That are taking on the same approach. We are and so to your point april. May i could understand some tears there. Better be some real bravado incompetence in this fucking audience right now because there's jobs if

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