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And nurses who cared for him over the last week. The 58 year old also, thank you. Family and friends. And he said, I will have more to say about all of this. Next week. The X Garden state governor was one of several high ranking officials in President Trump's inner circle to be infected with Corona virus. Christy help President Trump prepare for the first debate against Joe Biden. Four days later, he attended the Supreme Court nominees ceremony at the White House Rose Garden before he and Trump tested positive for covert 19 Paul de Castro. W O R News in sports. Poland's IGA Shavon Tech, defeating American Sofia Kenin in the women's final at the French Open today. 6461 at Roland Garros in Paris. The 19 Year old is the first Polish tennis player to ever win a Grand Slam singles title. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic square off tomorrow for the men's title and the Yankees season is over. After losing last night to the Tampa Bay Rays, 2 to 1. The

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