A Look at The Overwatch League Finals


All right. Let's get into. The Overwatch League finals because history was made ladies and gentlemen and no I'm not talking about the back to back victories for the shock. I'm talking. For the first time ever a new was actually watching over watch when I wasn't. Dedicated to the show Tim, I'll do whatever it takes for the listeners to to let them know I put in some effort forum and yeah, you know look by my son wakes me up pretty early in the morning I take that morning shift for us. So I'm up around. Six o'clock on on the regular and so yeah. Woke up through the stream on and. Look I I. Don't know I don't know what this means in the long run necessarily. But I, I had an enjoyable viewing experience like it. I like the Meta that's currently in play right now I got to see you know. A lot of ash you know we got to see widow characters that I kind of enjoy watching their play style. A little bit more makes for some more exciting gameplay. But Yeah I I I had enjoyable viewing experience I only watched the finals. Okay. So that's what I'm going to be up front with. It's not like I watched the rest of the playoffs they could tell you. How, that was other than the standings in in how teams perform. But yeah, I enjoyed I enjoyed the game like I. Didn't think it was it was bad to watch. I caught the last map and I went back to watch the odds. So funny story is I had my alarm set so I'd normally wake up super early on Sundays. Which I guess in my brain I thought the game was going to be on Sunday not Saturday, but I normally wake up early on Sundays. Anyway. So I can watch F. One racing. And then so I had my alarm set it went off Saturday morning and I was like, why is my alarm going off and I turned it often went back to sleep and I, woke up at like eight, which is still pretty early on a Saturday and then I saw your message talking about over and I was like Oh that's why my alarm was sent today. That's Today. So I woke up saw the last map. And I'm with you, I had the playoffs on in the background but it wasn't That's been the theme right I feel like for a lot of people not just us all year with Overwatch League it's just kind of been there which we'll get to in a minute I do WanNa talk about our thoughts on overwatch and moving forward with the League but let's give credit where credit is due. So in the finals, like you said, it was it was enjoy look for all the issues that I have with overwatch and Overwatch League, they know how to put on a finals from. I was there in New York we both were there in Philly last year they know how to put out of finals and even here with the circumstances like they had the digital stage, they had their their casters which I like what you said. Asking why they all look like they're straight out of hunger games which I went back and looked and yeah, they're fashion is unique. I don't you know look like their characters and. Like I they were watching an overwatch game live I feel like that's what they'd be wearing. Yeah. Yeah. You know it is what it is. But I saw. Like you said a good a good performance I feel for. So I do because they've been a team that's been a favourite going into every season so far they've never really been able to perform. They finally got to the finals for the first time and you're down, it's map six. Hollywood it's a payload map or hybrid, but payload portion I know the feeling everyone if you've ever played not even just overwatch but a payload style map. And you the other if you stop the other team from getting to the end and then you're going on attack next, it's like having the lead at halftime like you really feel like the game is in your hands to extend this to a map seven in the shock dominate they didn't even get through the the street city street portion whenever you want to call that the second phase of Hollywood they shut down. So I feel for soul. They showed them afterwards the players crying when they lost and. I was like Damn. We've been there like everyone's been like that feeling of like Holy Shit we had that win and. Yan Momentum to. So quickly in that, you know finals twice yearly, right because you had the shock come out and taking a commanding lead in you kind of looked at it at that point you're like. We go. Another four zero finals were about to see her shock looked really dominant and then as it goes into the third map which I believe if I remember them, saying it on the broadcaster somewhere that the shock had a eighteen game winning streak on that map going into that third game in for for soul to come out in take two in a row bring it back. You saw the momentum shifts. Quickly over to them and you thought maybe they could just pull this off just for them to get lose the next to profit to me was so much fun to watch like watching him on ash was was awesome. Thought he was. Really exciting. I liked that they put the camera on him quite a bit in kept your super engaged in obviously. Striker, playing on tracer was also like it was a joy to watch some of these guys like you. You could really It was just different than like kind of has ben for the last year and a half like I don't feel like I've had. Dad type of viewing experience I feel like it's been more of a like shit show just a cluster of things happening in year just like looking at everybody's ultimately to see when it's up and you're like, okay like shits about to go down like right now you know this thorough a little bit different. It was nice to see a lowe's if pharaoh come out, you know at one point. Fair come out. You know like I thought that was. Cool the way that I thought she was used in that map in. So yeah, and I thought it just played a little bit different in this Meta Made it more enjoyable as a viewer

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