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Cockney, Barrett confirmation, United States Supreme Court and the media fashions always these issues. If you're a moderate to conservative female But somehow you're hurting female rights question at one of the town Hall's Ah, a few days ago, Joe Biden was a young woman who said, Who's going to pay for my birth control pills. And if I get pregnant, who's gonna pay for my abortion? And that calls Joe Biden to go off on Judge Amy Cockney Barrett from the independent Women's form. Carrie Lukas is written a column in Forbes that says, Well, Amy Cockney Barrett take women backward. And once again, Carrie Lucas. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham Show and Carrie, How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks so much for having me on. I'm reading your column. I read it last night in preparation for the interview, and I'm thinking my gosh, you nailed it, and the first sentence says the following. Among the most common charges leveled against Judge Amy Cockney. Barrett is that if confirmed U S Supreme Court, she will quote turn back the clock on women's progress. Merit. The highly successful mother of seven is being cast his anti feminist who will use her own access to power and influence. They'll pull the ladder up behind her that letting no other women come up the ladder. And so why isn't what? But that's kind of a line of the left. Why is that false? You know, it's interesting. This is a woman who believes in the Constitution and has shown in her hole in her own life. This on the kind of vision for women has be ableto have it all to be able to pursue their dreams on their vision of happiness. However, they see fit, and there's absolutely nothing in her record or him in her statement of beliefs that should give anyone any concerns that she thinks that women shouldn't you have every right and equal opportunity that men have. So this is really you know the thing. I hope that people like when they For this when they hear the kind of this divisive language about about Judge Verret is the recognize. We've heard this before we've been hearing about for years and years. This idea that there's a war on women being waged by the right and it never bears out here. Women are still you were doing better and better every year on DH. It's just It's just a lie at the political militant manipulation. I'll give you a story from the great state of Ohio, where I broadcast from The chief justice City of the high Supreme Court eyes female, the chief justice of the sixth Circuit U. S Court of Appeals, located in Cincinnati, which is Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee eyes Judge Alice Back Shelter. She, of course, is female Marine Connor, by the way that you've justice of the high Supreme Court. And my wife, Penelope, are Cunningham For many years I was the senior judge in the Ohio Court of Appeals and Commonplace Court. The chief judge is AH woman named Melvin Melvin Marsh in juvenile court. For many years, the chief judge was Sylvia CV, Handan and Everywhere I look, all I see the president of the High State Bar Association is a female The president of the Sensei Bar Association is female. In fact, very soon there's gonna be more female judges in the state of Ohio than male judges. Most of the law students in Ohio and most Midwestern schools are female. Most of the doctors and medical schools to be our females. In fact, I feel is a male I feel is a man when I When I practice long, I said, I can't practice from my wife, Of course, but everywhere I go all I see over and over that. All I see are female lawyers and female judges. And every time I hear this, that anti feminist, isn't it A lie in fact, is not wrong isn't a lie. You know, it's it's funny. They're going to need to be a men's march on Washington soon because of all of this because you're being beaten down. You need your fair shot at equal opportunity. Yes, exactly. You know it is. It is funny because it's obviously there is something there haven't been up. There has only been two women on this. There's only been a couple of women on the Supreme Court before him were replacing the second. Welcome and ever serve on the Supreme Court. But there is something still a little bit historic about having a AH woman nominee. But, man, you know what It's getting it's getting rather commonplace. You see women support like that you several of the last women confirmed people confirmed to the Supreme Court have been women. It's really not that big a deal anymore. In the same way that with the vice presidency with Kamala Harris, this time around, I'm you know, Of course she was, You know, not a white woman, which makes it a little bit different, But this is this is we see this all the time. It's more and more people of all backgrounds, regardless of gender of race are succeeding in America and Great news. You would think that would help us start treating people as individuals and not as a member of their sex or ethnicity and it I feel like if it's a tremendous shame on that. So many people want to continue kind of grating out your Who's for what? You know what a little pile can we put you in? And what can we put you in? And who do you represent? When you know this is we don't need to look at people like that. We can look at them as individuals based on their own qualifications, their own perspective their own records. You would hope that we move past abot. It sure doesn't you know So much of the world has moved past that I think you're absolutely right. When you look at the makeup of kind of the power structures in America today, they are increasingly a meritocracy and very diverse but in politics is still off a lot of being counting going on Andi Thinkit's. It's totally destructive. Well, from my perspective, I guess I'm a white male. But nonetheless, I would in a heartbeat vote for someone who was a black female that was qualified for the position. I would do it automatically against a white male. It wouldn't bother me. And what's most offensive about Judge Barrett is that the liberal bloggers and others talk about the fact that she Adopted two kids out of Haiti. Now you would think with May I use the term five biological Children, including a special needs boy that maybe she had enough on her plate. But she heard about the plight of those in Haiti years and years ago, went down there and adopted two and now we find out that she intended some colonialism that there's some colonial Western European paternalism that she's not allowing these Haitian Children. So live in practice there and live their lives in Haiti, and they misappropriated the Haitian culture. She was asked at one point. How do you connect them with their Haitian roots? And is there a Haitian community in South Bend, Indiana, that you can connect them with Don't you feel is if you've torn them out of their natural, biological and cultural circumstances and forced them to live in South Bend, Indiana, instead of living in part of Prince, Don't you feel bad about that? And the other thing I hear from the radical left many famine? Is is she doesn't have time to be a Supreme Court judge. It takes too many hours. Toby, a judge on the Supreme Court, and who's going to care for the Children? And isn't that wrong? Especially for your special needs child?

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