Dak Prescott’s injury raises questions about his future with the Dallas Cowboys


Press guide in the return. That's the big deal. That's the big topic of conversation following week five of the NFL And we talked yesterday about just how devastating that injury can be long term for a guy that obviously uses his wheels uses. His mobility uses his agility. To be as effective as he is now, Steven Jones to his credit, said. That DAX injury does not affect their intent to re sign him to make him a franchise guy. But let's face it. The reality is the Cowboys just won a lot of leverage in that negotiation. Dak Prescott was trying to hold out, reportedly for $40 million a year and didn't want to be locked into a full five year deal would prefer to have had a four year deal that way, get it free agency again or be Not back for another renegotiation for more cash later on at an earlier date. Now he's not going to get that. Now there's no way that the Cowboys would have to pay $40 million a year anywhere near that, because he's damaged goods and he's a complete unknown.

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