Before anybody knew George, Florida, Briana Taylor


Not since the sixties and seventies, when people like author Ash uses platform to fight apartheid, or Ali didn't enter the draft in Vietnam or Tommie Smith and John Carlos Razor fists with 68 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. You have not seen prominent sports stars stand up like this. James didn't care about the consequences. I know people go. I was already millionaire. But it was more than that. LeBron James began focusing attention on the discord between The police and the black community, posting about the wrongs of society to 120 million Instagram and Twitter followers. He befriended Obama and later found an enemy and Trump who began using LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick and other athletes of color. As referendums on patriotism. LeBron James always had us. Ah, you know, it's kind of, um, I don't know what the way it's serrated edge as an MBA player and a power broker. He was a diva phenomenon who skipped college. And then you know, kind of played that deal between Cleveland Miami to get as much money as he could. But you know, and as much as that followed a lot of people, me being one of them. He wasn't a Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods when when they were had had center stage. They were very unwary of politics. But everything changed. After almost a decade after James and the Heat

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