#474 - Cheering From the Beyond

In The Gate


Percent whatever you're comfortable with and. And so we were talking you know what I trusted burying from the get go I could tell you with an honest man genuine. So I said all right now by twenty five percent. I just remember a classic story. The this is before any of these horses that I had audience know was even racing rain. And I'm downtown with My. Call the up here, and this is a from for you not. He called me up. He doesn't. Claim this horse. Sixteen thousand that's US four buddies. Or grand each. Okay. No problem I trust them. You know whatever you. WanNa do. You ran the horse two weeks later, the name of the horses too much. So the race goes off weren't on. It's about a hundred degrees. I know it was steaming human day. And The horse wins and I'm jumping up and down. So that was my first official, I win and. We get in the winning circle, take the winning circle photo and I see this personal there shaking his bottle and this number comes out and. I'm excited. So I'm not really paying attention. Very looked at me and said. There's no real don't get too comfortable, but does not normally how it works out. So we played the horse. We, put him in a race to incite or he wins claimed. So It was pretty plastic and. You know berries good friend from me just as a frame setting aside, the horse or anything. It's just a genuine person you know honest And I just remember you wouldn't he was training all the horse and for me. And other people that were invested in them, he would call them and this is exactly every time he called. I. Being Retail me is. Real everyone's flying in the bar. In it was important for him to say that to assure me that there was nothing wrong. He was just calling from. So other reason. But I just you know I always look back and thinking how he was trainer and he would always tell you that I know. Everyone's good in the barn. really are with the Horse Ports A. Multiple Greater Greece. Win. We're blessed in in knows that a lot of excitement for me, Diane myself and all their family and friends have been. Along with this during. An offering Pecoraro joins us here on the gate you were talking about Barry's personality. What kind of guy he is one of his fellow trainers Richard baltas tells the story of returning to California Louisiana, around two thousand eleven and needed a job he ran into Abrahams and Barry simply asked, how much do you want to make even if he was Bob, baffert that was a heck of a question to ask how was he able to do that? You know win when Berry had taken off the kid taking off some six months of time Richard Bolts came in and took over and and ran his on until he came back. From his little Amoeba of absence. So. Don't Ritchie for a while. You know he took care very whatever only needed at that time. You Know Berry, vis, a an amazing individual and. If he was still training today of told all my friends. You would be the person that I would allow to train my horses. I never had to question him I never even picked up the phone and say, well, why don't we do this? I always trusted him and his vision and Mo-, forces an example of that. I mean you tell me how many people that you know. That could tell you. A six week. Old Baby is going to be a champion without any hesitation. Do you remember this? When we settled the deal that they. He texts me. He's an Frio now that your part owner, you're going to come up with the champion name. Okay, that's Berry Abrahams for you. He didn't hesitate. So me and my buddy, Tommy Corona, were out one night. We were talking to know about the horse and. I said, well, you know Berry wants us to give them a name. I gotta think of a name and I'm throwing aims to talk and. He said, well, let me let me think about something. So we were talking and probably the next day or two. Tommy called me up and said He. What about both Forza now forts in Italian bean power strength. So that's where the Forza comes into right and so. I said I, love it I pass it onto berry. Diane liked it in in. Very centered over to the people to approve it and I just remember. I. Think it was probably when the horse was a year old. And here I am you know I've ever won a great race right? Only one of these babies and Small cleaning races and I just remember texting berries. When this horse comes to racine. Just hope like a win A. Greater Gray. He's like, no, no prio don't work open when multiple crater with his horse I mean this is a horse. Okay. That was one years old. And I know our aspirations were to get him in a derby at that workout. But if you look at back from September twenty nineteen to where he is today. Is that too many horses that could blow the field away in greater races the remote forts ahead done. I mean the the photo from del Mar Mile, there's not even a horse a photo by himself. Right this this last race, the city hope. Crap. Writes them brings in handwritten touch them with the whip once. and. And that's a special horry. Forces. Headed had next to. Succeed surpasses. Halfback picked up about sixty miles all. Up Put away piggly. Fours on will win going away. That win came on. Breeders. Cup, Saturday but on the UNDERCARD. Now you're in the big show in the Breeders Cup Mile you might be facing not only a couple of Chad. Brown Horses Digital Age without parole who won the Saint James Palace at Royal Ascot last year in the care of John Gosden I know because I was there and there's an outside chance. We'll even see English two, thousand. Guineas winner Camco, how do you think both Ford's a measures up to these superstars? Well I tell you I mean all there's all sorts of things that come into play. You think about the cuts twilight Derby last year you know he he pulled a post thirteen right and this was on Monday. And burying I discussed. It said look we're them. We're not going scratch home we're going go for it. I'm walking into. Breeders Cup morning, it's A. Very texts me says, we got to scratches I'll see in the winning circle. Okay. Nine o'clock in the morning Breeders Cup very texts me that. He. He had no doubt about the source. Any went off at eighteen to one very. Okay resort was on that day. Yet, a tunnel horse in ham anyone probably by length and a half maybe even to that gay why didn't you text me? I got a man fortune. So that tells me and I all look at every single greater race that he's one and I'm throwing out the packages. But the five greater races seems one I have no doubt that my horse, our horse both forts.

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