Tanya Rad Breaks Down 'The Bachelor' Matt James' Contestants


Had Chris. Harrison. On from the Bachelorette I bet you didn't know that I saw Chris with the shirt off at the beach. You didn't share that Info with US until I was waiting to confront him. Always wind confront him. He and his girlfriend having a romantic little day at the beach and then. I interrupted that's right. I interrupted their romance. I mean it was just by chance to see the guy I'm like that is Chris Harrison from the drain. Did you like just did you? Know. We distance spoke and then I said go enjoy your love. Joy Romance. Call me if there's a wedding got the host of the Bachelor about GonNa Wedding Right. All right now anyway, we had him on and he keeps saying the Promo. eclair congratulations you single handedly blew up the Bachelorette. He also said that when he found out whatever it is, she did he was not angry or upset about it. It was a challenge to him. So me it sounds like something happened where like oh? Gosh. How are we going to fill these hours of the whole season up? We gotTA figure out a pivot but he was not you know it was a pointless interview 'cause he gave nothing. Like, it was just for him to talk about we saw each other with our shirts off that was. That was the substance that happened. So you missed nothing if you hear. True but the guy says, of course, can't tell you anything. Well, of course, don't book yourself then Chris Well, he gave us a little sneak peek at the bachelor season because he said that he was there at location and he says he's at the in the Bachelor bubble right now he looks like he's yeah he he said there are four seasons where he is. It looks like the leaves returning some guessing he's in upstate New York. Now. Right. The leaves turn there. Anyway I bring all of this up because we have the potential suitors for the first, what the first black male bachelor in the franchise history, and so bit a black male bachelor. Correct. There has never been a black male bachelor it's hard to believe. It's the truth. It's the truth and shooters. I don't want it to my own horn but beep I did pick dale or Clare. Season even before the season even like was filming or anything. Clare's the Bachelorette well, I know but the rumor in the rumor mill, he seems to be just the name people are holding onto yourself because it's not been confirmed. Nothing's been confirmed none of Kim term to on rumor I'M GONNA to on rumor been onto onto. Okay. So they have now rolled out the girls for the season up the bachelor and they're doing things differently now, they basically ruled them out on facebook, which is so interesting only put their photo and like their name and their age they used to give like I dunno just used to be so different, very formal with the bachelor. Now, it's kind of a little more informal on facebook people can leave comments and stuff. So my pick for Matt, James Is. She's a thirty, two year old from Ethiopia and I just the VIBE I get from her photo. She is just like super q Yeah. Like I get this like happy from her and so they did put up more. Than I think we'll end up being on his season because it was more than forty and that's they usually don't do that. So I, don't know if it's for Cova reasons or or whatnot but and then we are learning that one of the potential women for Matt may have dated him over the summer. Her name is Madison Nelson and allegedly she was dating Matt. While his best friend Tyler Cameron was dating gee-gee had dean. If you guys remember that love story I know. It's so good. I know. and. So she comes in and I don't know I'm kind of like not into these people coming back that don't have they're not on the same playing field. I. Feel like all the suitors should be on the same playing field no, what are you? By Saint Plainfield just. So I'm clear because this this Madison Nelson Dated Matt James That doesn't says she has a history with them. Yeah. There's a conference on the ice has been broken right? That's stacking the deck I agree with now I'm up in arms. I'M UP IN ARMS TO I'm not super I don't really like that someone on the show. This is all allegedly, but there are some photos of them. So they definitely know of each other we don't know. That gives you an advantage because you have a connection of some sort. You have blind I'm with you on one hundred percent I'm protesting. You guys, watch it and tell me. Yeah,

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