Massachusetts issues new restrictions and a stay-at-home advisory


Baker today ordered to stay at home advisory from 10 P.m. to 5 A.m. in an effort to block the Corona virus. Indoor recreation, casinos, entertainment venues and restaurants must close at 9 30, but takeout service can continue into the night, Speaking from the State House That afternoon. The governor also said everyone in Massachusetts over the age of five I must start wearing a face covering the new restrictions start on Friday. Baker issued the new rules today as covert 19 cases continue to surge. Baker also limited private indoor gatherings to 10 people and outdoor gatherings to 25. Governor Baker today also activated upto 1000 members of the Massachusetts National Guard. To ensure Massachusetts quote is position to maintain public safety. Following Tuesday's election. Secretary of Public Safety Tom Turco said there's no indication of any public safety risk but that the administration is making resources available in case municipal officials Request state assistance.

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