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Hey. Everybody sparky here. We had some issues with Luke's audio in this week's episode, but the episode is really good content and Luke's got a lot of good ideas. So hang in there with us and we'll have the audio sorted out next week. Mac Power Users episode five hundred sixty workflows with Luke beaudouin. Hello and welcome back to Mac power users. My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined by Mr David Sparks Hey. Steven, how are you today I am good David. How're you doing, right? Yeah we're. We're fine. I'm looking out my window at the Silverado Canyon Wildfire about three and a half miles from my house, but the winds blowing the other direction. So I think I'll make it to the end of the broadcast. That's good Yeah. We we have everyone affected by that in our thoughts and if you have to run out the door we will, well, let's be honest. We're just going to carry on without you. We love you but we're just gonNA keep going. I'm I am not going to burn down gang I'm fine. We're used to dealing with these things down here. But one problem that occasionally happens is that the power company will turn off power in the area because when the fires hit those stations, you know bad things happen so. There's a possibility will disappear today but hopefully okay. But if they strike you down, you come back even stronger. Yes, I will. And I really appreciate that you went there Stephen. Hey I've got. You know I can I can play that game. Right real quick before we get to are awesome guests this week just one note where we normally have A. More power user segment at the end of the show for our members. If you're not a member, you can sign up relay dot FM SLASH NPR view. this week though we've decided, we're going to have that segment as part of the public show as well to give everybody a bit of a taste of what we normally do in that segment. You know we gang we really aim for these shows to be. Evergreen where you can listen to these interviews years. Later, if we talk about drafts that should be good as long as drafts around, we really work hard on that but in more power user Dave and I, get to loosen up a bed and talk about. More current things going on. So this time we're GonNa talk about my iphone twelve pro I've got it here on my desk and. Get into that and why didn't go with the Max even though I told everybody who listens it, I was going to do that. So keep an eye out for that at the end of the show. And I've also had hands on daughter's iphone twelve standard I. Guess you call it. So I've got thoughts on that as well. Cool. Luke we have been wanting to get you on the show for a long time and and Steven I feel like you southern his name I probably did yeah. But the but I'm not get I'm french-canadian can't get right. Look. How do you pronounce? Thanks for having me on the show, it's a pleasure to your french-canadian well but on my mom's side. Yeah that's fantastic. squinty eyes to prove it But do luke is a cognitive scientist and a MAC enthusiast which to me is like a golden combination for the Mac power users. But be before we get started Lucas Kinda. Give us a little bit of your background me. How did you get into apple stuff in in become a cognitive scientists at the same time Well, my first degree was in psychology and I taught myself to type on a typewriter and did my first year essays low in the eighties. With, that and then of course, I recognize that it the I'd have a competitive advantage if I had a MAC. And I did consider windows but I was immediately drawn to the for reasons that are hard to remember but probably have to do with the elegance and beauty and all that saw my by my second year I had a Mac and I just learned how to use it and was not a computer scientist I would just Learned that it was a tool that could extend my my productivity I. Don't know that I was using the term at that time, but might performance and entity kind of fell in love with it actually. So So that's how it started. Now was that the original mattress or like in that first generation. Dating Myself, it's a Mac plus and I did before graduating get a Mac se thirty which I really loved with me to Britain I did my PhD I at Sussex University in cognitive science and then the University of Birmingham. Is My supervisor move up there and I decided to move with him. So I was hanging out with Geeks there and I noticed they could do some very magical things and I was in awe of Shell. Scripts. Etcetera. So I learnt with them from them and I. You know it's These were they had UNIX. We had UNIX workstations at laps, and at home I'd work on my Mac So so I tend to work at night late into the night with the UNIX workstations in a programming language called Pop Levin, which is actually quite conducive for thinking about the mind and also for Productivity because so extensible that I didn't hear anything you said, 'cause you said se thirty in that's the one that got away from. Sitting here, thinking about it Stephen how hard would it be for me to get a working se thirty and twenty twenty I mean they're definitely out there the problem with especially compact Max is that people want a lot of money for working ones now too much money in my estimation there definitely out there you know you need to. Treat yourself sometime David Oh. Man I. I don't know even know where it put it. My Mom's a geek and. She's kept. She's also lawyer by the way she might have an se thirty and there you. Make WanNa get rid of him her she v Plus we used and the question for Stephen is does she have was that what's that once even the Beta? that. The one was that one. You know they searched over. Yeah. Yeah. So when they switched over to. The last processor up grow yes. The Intel Development

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