'McBroken' Website Tells McFlurry Fans the Status of Every McDonald's Ice Cream Machine


Frustrated to find your search for a Mcflurry ends up with news of a broken ice cream machine. There's a website to help out. 24 year old software engineer Rush XIII came up with the site MK broken this summer after he attempted to get a Mick Sunday in Berlin and no ice cream was available. The verge reports he did what any enterprising young engineer would dio he reverse engineered the McDonald's app. That lets you order ahead and created a body that will update the website automatically if the body can't order a frozen dessert from McDonald's. The location gets a red dot on the website if it can, a green dot After testing it in Berlin, where there are reported 1500 locations. He has expanded it to the United States, and within minutes of the launch, it received 10,000 visitors. The site initially ran slow due to demand, but it seems even folks over at the golden arches. They're okay with it, noting on Ly, a true fan would do this much work to enjoy their ice cream. With

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