Challenger John Hickenlooper Defeats Incumbent Cory Gardner In Colorado’s U.S. Senate Race


Projections we should mention in the state of Arkansas. Tom Cotton wins a second term in the Senate in South Dakota Mike Rounds ones wins his second term in West Virginia. The same is the case for the Republican Shelley Moore Capito. She wins reelection. In Tennessee. It was an open seat. Lamar Alexander, the retiring Republican incumbent, Bill Haggerty, who was formerly in private equity and is also president Trump's former ambassador to Japan wins the Senate seat, defeating Democrat Marquita Bradshaw. And, ah, those are the Senate races that we have so far projected as well as Colorado, whereas Steve Dorsey on the Congressional Desk mentioned a few minutes ago, former Governor John Hickenlooper defeats incumbent Republican Cory Gardner. So it's the first pickup for the Democrats in their effort to win control of the Senate. Another hot

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