Election Day 2020 - burst 27


No with only one percent of the vote in for right now but right now seventy seven percent in favor of trump and twenty percent in favor of biden. So i don't see anything for nevada on fox all while Yes white pine country county if we take over the state's not counties so if we take the one forty eight ad montana's three at iowa's for her wisconsin's ten michigan sixteen ohio's eighteen pennsylvania's twenty north carolina's fifteen georgia's sixteen and texas's thirty eight. That puts us two hundred eighty eight. We just want. Yeah but we're pretty confident. That's why they're they're not. They're not reporting. they're not reporting it. Because that makes trump that automated. They don't they. Don't wanna make trump winner. It makes much sense. They're going to just gonna squeeze. This can legitimize the everything that sitting on pins and needles until it's ready to explode and then and only then are they going to say you know what trump one sorry and then it an unwanted to admit this here. Yeah it's going to be all hell but all these states that we just counted up is is so even if we was to lose nevada Which probably will Nevada and montana. We could lose them See probably lose my royal. We'd be fine nevada. Just turn pink. Yeah right now. Montana is fifty one forty six for trump nevada with work reporting a seventy seven twenty. The the ones that. I wanna see turn loose. I wanna see texas tournaments. I wanna see texas and florida. Turn loose turn in texas loose. Turn georgia loose Turn turn north. Carolina lives in florida. We need florida. Florida's colonists or florida right now florida's florida's got donald trump fifty one to forty seven right now reporting is ninety. Eight percent pose a closed. Yeah so yeah florida's read. He's going to have florida florida's go read any any minute so thirty there. I'm looking at right now on fox on fox already read. I mean look at the. Oh on its read on fox and the same numbers in in google and Let's see if aljazeera is house zero jazeera's not. He's on some of the most nonbiased out there. Honestly aljazeera one of those non-bias places out there. It's not it's not the best but it's not you

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