Obama lends a hand as Biden and Trump launch final campaign blitz


Barnstorming battleground states. I'm joking here on Fox News, the presidential campaigns packing in all the events they can in the last few days before the election, Mr President Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Former Vice President Joe Biden Man, his former boss, President Obama, campaigning in Detroit and Flint, Michigan ahead of Tuesday's vote, belief in hard work and family and faith, the belief that everybody counts. That's who Joe is. President Trump with four stops crisscrossing the state of Pennsylvania. Joe Biden was shut down your economy, Wipe out your factories and shut down your state. Ship your jobs to China. Raise your taxes. The president with 10. More campaign stops planned in two days ending where he wrapped up his campaign in 2016, Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Monday night Boxes. Jeff Man, also

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