Arizona Might Be A Key Battleground State


Of the elections, most pressing questions may be found in the new battleground state of Arizona. It has many of the key voting groups that will be pivotal and a host of close states and an early voting system that has been tested in the past and has been tabulating votes for two weeks. Meaning we'll know who the bulk of those voters picked by the end of the night. Joe Biden has enjoyed a small but consistent lead in Arizona since the summer thanks to suburban women, seniors and Latinos, which suggests the one time home of American conservatism could be changing in the same way the country is becoming more diverse and mohr educated. But Democrats thought that in 2016 to That long line of green envelopes who see marching together contains just some of the record number of completed mail in ballots from Arizona voters. First, their process through state of the art machine. Theun. They're sent to ballot tabulation centers for counting Arizonans of both parties have been voting safely and easily by mail since 1992. This election For the first time, state officials started tabulating ballots 14 days before the election. As of tonight, millions of early votes have been processed. The results sit in secure servers, those red and blue machines that are sealed, transparent and not connected to the Internet. And no one knows what those results are. We're allowed to post results an hour after polls close, so a PM on election night here in Arizona, Katie Hobbs is Arizona's secretary of state and chief election officer. On election night. How much will it be an advantage that you will have been able to start counting for 14 days. That's a huge advantage, particularly over states that are seeing a huge increase in the volume of voting by mail and statutorily aren't able to start processing ballots until that day. We're certainly going to be ahead of them. That anyone is holding their breath about the outcome of the race in Arizona is notable. It's a long time Republican state But it is changing. Seven million people now live in Arizona. Spurred by America's fastest growing county, Maricopa County, the home of Phoenix and Tempe. It's also known for its blooming suburbs. It accounts for 60% of Arizona's vote, and no Democrat has carried Maricopa County since 1948. Traditionally would we be in Ruby red part of Arizona. Maricopa County is the largest county of that. Trump won the last election. And so this is the center. Trump Bill in Arizona. If Arizona turns Blue will be in part because of voters like Yasir Sanchez and his wife, Emily, conservatives who live in the Maricopa County suburb of Gilbert in 2016, they never saw Hillary Clinton sign in their neighborhood. Now the streets by their house are dotted with Trump and Biden signs poking from the alternating beach towel sized front lawns. They've added a new entrant in the sign wars. Arizona Republicans for Biden, Yasir and Emily are voting for a Democrat for the first time. So how's that going over? I've noticed people coming out of the woodwork. But, interestingly enough silently they'll come and say, Hey, I see that you're supporting Biden. I am, too. But I can't really tell anyone or I can't tell my family so people talk about shy Trump voters are they're shy Biden voters, absolutely the

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