Philadelphia Gears Up For Unprecedented Attention To Its Vote Count


Is Pennsylvania looking? Let's check in with Steve Tower on that you know, In four years ago, there were more than four years ago, There were more than six million votes cast in PPA. And this year with everyone in the Commonwealth eligible for the first time to vote by mail, as he heard from our colleague Jim Mel word as well. All those 2.6 roughly million mallet and absentee ballots were requested. Statewide, so don't hold your breath. For a result. I'm looking right now and on Lee about 16% of mail ballots have been counted. At least half dozen county officials have said they are busy dealing with today's in person voting and will at least wait until tomorrow to start processing and counting all of them. The common wisdom, as we also heard from Jim is that Democrats would disproportionately But use the mail while Republicans would vote disproportionately in person, with about half the votes counted in Trump, leading by 14 points 56 to 42%, But still at this hour no numbers from Philly only about a third from Allegheny County and small or no percentages from the Philadelphia suburbs. Trump and Biden have visited Pennsylvania more than any other state during the 2020 campaign. With the president coming here. 13 Times and Joe Biden coming here. 16 times For a time. Philadelphia was going to be his national headquarters until covert struck, and then they moved everything down to Wilmington. Of course, Pennsylvania among the states that have extended the ballot deadline here in the Commonwealth, that three day extension, Trump claims its a mistake. It allows cheating Governor Wolf and other state officials say Trump is the one trying to cheat by blocking votes from people who want to mail in ballots. Because of concerns about the covert 19 pandemic, Andy, and by the

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