The Middle East's Worse Rom-Com - burst 4

The World at Large


Economy. He's the president of China. He wants China to be the number one superpower by the year twenty thirty. That's kind of his goal He has a set for plan. He's thinking long term, right? He's in business So NB time they become a superpower, we could become a super podcast. Twenty thirty make the happen guys. We just have to bully a few of our neighbors. send aid to. Other neighbors and I do okay. So. More and more cut. So the reason that China feels a little bit threatened is because more countries are sending naval and economic support to the island of Taiwan which is recognized by mainland China as rightfully part of their nation they said the Taiwanese. Broke away the only reason they're alive right now, the only reason that we do not own Taiwan is because the US set their navy and a protected them. USO is getting involved. And so the West as a whole has been very wary of China, they think that China, of course, this money issue of of economic suppression as as his term coined by Western analysts they they think they are very threatened by China, and so they we thought is important to mention as I said earlier many disputes, China has. So I'll go through a few right now, just quickly list them. So China has as follows territorial. They have territorial claims Russia, they've claims in eastern, India, they have claims on Taiwan they have claims a Mongolia they claims in the Philippines claims in southeastern Asia also military disputes with Taiwan. Again, in an they also have them with India Australia. China is honestly big out a lot. They got a law stuff going on all over the place every side so so Territorial claims. They also claim the entire south, China Sea because its name and I think it's theirs

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