Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Officially Announced For Nintendo Switch


Need for speed hot pursuit remastered as coming to ps four P., C. xbox one and switch next month. So this is exciting for me as a need for speed fan but I have to be honest I say that literally every single time Britney. That I'm excited about new need for speed and I spend five hours playing it, and then I put it down never to play again. Why is that Andrea? I don't know maybe because a lot of the newer need for speed games just don't have the magic that they held for me back then and obviously the team at criteria on is different. A lot of the core members that helped make mean for speed, what it is left that team and started their own studio making Games which we we we saw them at Pax East earlier this year actually. So. It's It's I. Don't know I feel like I want to see this. But I. don't November six is the release date. The nintendo switch version is coming on November thirteenth it's a collaboration between stellar entertainment and the original. Developer criterion that worked on the BURNOUT Paradise remastered game. Have you guys ever checked that out? So if you're interested Now you know just add one more game to the November pile i.

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