West African regional bloc lifts sanctions against Mali


Molly and the transition government that has taken over a mixture of military and civilian personnel taking over after the coo of a few weeks back now to express their disapproval for the coup, the West African regional block Echo s imposed economic sanctions. It's now lifted. Those sanctions because of the appointment of a mixed civilian and military transition government. But the political crisis carries on particularly as regards the growing jihadist threat as well. There's all sorts of rumors back and forth about the release of militants and other people from prison. In return, it's hoped for two hostages. One of whom is a French humanitarian, the other whom a senior opposition figure, actually it's not quite clear whether that's happened or not. Andrew Levitch is watching the situation. He is a Mani watch it with the European Council on Foreign Relations asked him first off how the sanctions which have just being lifted, have bean affecting ordinary people in Mali. Phyllis ordinary people. It really depends on what sector you were, and there are many people who commented during son that they weren't particularly affected by sanctions. So it was a bit of a mixed bag for the impact on Mullins. But certainly it does mean that for many people, I think the process of the transitional government can move forward. And there's the less confusion and less back in port between Nikolas and Molly and then course also between the international community in Mali. And what do you think of the end of the set up as it is? Echo have Bean satisfied that there are sort of civilians in government positions, But there's still many, many military people in government positions as well. In terms of the transition government. Do you think they've done a good job? I mean, good figurehead. Is there a mechanism for the handover? Which everyone agrees on? All the truth is that we don't know. Right now. It is still very early on DH as I've written. This transitional process has been steered by the military wanted from the beginning. Embattled change their very song represented in some of the key ministries of transitional government. Of course, the head of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People is still the vice president of the tradition, and the president and prime minister really seem to have been hand cooked by the CNST. That doesn't necessarily mean That the transition won't go smoothly. It's just that what we're seeing now is that the military and the military junta has kept their hand very firmly on this process. And so we're going to have to see what unfolds over the next 18 months. There's a very ambitious set of reforms that have been laid out and the transition government. There are some people in a government very well regarded. But at the same time, apparently some cause to be concerned by how predominantly the winter is featured in this transitional government. Do the military have an incentive to cede power? They say they're going to go do they have an incentive to go? Well, so this is part of the competition because there have been a number of allegations of corruption within the security services wasn't she is? Of course, there have been some reports that The members were very unhappy at this corruption they've promised to fight. Some of the corruption that was alleged against the son of the former president, of course, was in the National Assembly but also was the chair of the National Assembly's Commission on Defense and Security, the transitional president promised in his opening speech as president after he's Forbes oath of office. To combat this corruption, but we're going to have to see if it actually happens in practice. That's when you did the hard part also about the kind of the reports and they are conflicting reports. We should say of the possible release by extremists of two figures, a French aid worker and the leader of the opposition as well, who was taken while campaigning in the Timbuktu area. Would this indicate on opening of relations between the hunter on DH militant forces in the north? What do we read into that? Because that would seem on the face of it to be good news. Certainly thank everyone is hoping that these reports are true and that the two hostages will be released soon. There's been a lot of conflicting information just today and yesterday about What was actually happening. This does seem to mark very significant concession on the part of the government. Of course, these negotiations have been ongoing for years off and on to start and then, of course, policy say they've been going on again off and on since he was kidnapped, So this isn't just something from the hunter. I think we can safely conclude that this wouldn't have gone forward without their approval.

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