Gov. Wolf increases crowd limits for most of Pennsylvania, but guidelines under review in Philadelphia


Officials declined to commit to the governor's new guidelines on large gatherings based on the size of the gathering place rather than a specific number. Cable W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe reports. A plan to announce next week whether they'll go along with those new rules. Mayor Kenny says Philadelphia has different issues and challenges than anywhere else in the state. When the governor and folks we're getting pressure from legislators and others to open up Mauritz coming from areas that are experiencing the type of infection that we're experience, and when you're making decisions based on people's health and life and death, you better make sure you're right or at least reasonably right before you jump in. The decision is complicated by a recent rise in new cases where they've been averaging under 100. For two weeks. They're back up to 110 a day with a higher percentage of tests coming back Positive. Health Commissioner Tom Farley says that's cause for concern. The reasons for this increase in case activity is not entirely clear. He says there continue to be clusters near colleges but also among other age groups and in other areas such as the Northeast. As for his own exposure to the virus. Mayor Kenny says he never developed symptoms but remains in quarantine while he awaits the results of his second test, Pat

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