Pence criticizes Harris' record as attorney general of California


Is record as California's attorney general and San Francisco district attorney came up late in last night's vice presidential debate. But it became a big topic. Ladies political correspondent Marissa Lagos was watching and she joins us now. Marissa. How did Vice President Mike Pence paint? Harris is California in San Francisco record? As a prosecutor, and how did she respond? Yeah, this was interesting. I mean, it's a it's a contrast how I think he tried to paint her for the rest of the debate. Is this radical liberal? He actually attacked the disparities in drug offenses, claiming that African Americans were 19 times more likely to be brought up on drug offenses when she was district attorney and And that she increased the disproportionate incarceration of blacks in California's attorney general and tried to tell with the White House has done with the first step back. You know, Harris essentially defended her record. Not specifically, You know, she didn't talk about the specific disparities but said, We need to do what California did nationally. Earlier, she went even further talking about eliminating private prisons and the cash bail system. So I would say it was a pretty full throated defense by Harris Onda kind of surprising attack from a campaign. I know they talked about this before, but it does seem to kind of contrast with the rest of their message about who, Carmela Harris says. Well, I thought it was particularly interesting that she kept stressing that she would not be lectured by the vice president. About her record. She really defended it very, very strongly. It was her first major debate since the ones that took place during the primary campaign. How was she different here? What themes did she hit on? You know, I talked Tio, longtime advisor of Harris, he said this may have been the toughest challenger she's ever faced on the debate stage. I think that she tried to come out it very differently than she did in the primaries. She where she was really on the attack, especially in that, you know, pretty famous debate now from last summer against Joe Biden, where she attacked him on school busing. This was a different Kamala Harris, very measured, still prosecutorial. But I think she was very aware of the fact that this campaign is courting swing voters. Women in particular. I think she's hoping to attract to the campaign and she didn't want to come off as overly hostile. Given who Pence's especially in contrast to term Right now.

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