Stocks drop after Trump tweets stimulus talks are over


Up much of the ground they lost Tuesday when President Trump abruptly pulled out of talks aimed at crafting a new Corona virus relief package. NPR's Scott Horsley reports. The Dow Jones industrials rose more than 340 points in early trading. It's been a dizzying 24 hours for investors trying to make sense of the president's conflicting tweets. Stocks tumbled late Tuesday after Trump pulled the plug on stimulus talks until after the November election. Then, late last night, the president reversed course again tweeting that he would go along with more limited Corona virus relief, challenging lawmakers to pass on Ly the part of the package he likes. Restaurants and retailers complain that without more help from the federal government, it could be a long, cold winter for many businesses. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell also warrants of tragic consequences of inaction with a slower and more painful recovery from the pandemic recession. Scott

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