PS5 Teardown Video Gets Up Close and Personal with the Console


Over on the playstation blog and on the playstation YouTube channel, they've put down a play station five tear down. This is a seven minute video of them on the playstation five talking about all the aspects of it and religious showing you how this thing works Kevin I put in an overall linked to the youtube video. If we can look at that, why read from the playstation blogs I, post about it and then I put some highlights in the back to. So reading from the playstation blogs company article, I fought thought these two paragraphs interesting. We felt. We felt it was inevitable to make a generational leap terms of performance in order to deliver a new next generation gaming experience ever to do. So we had a balanced every aspect of the system from focusing on reducing the noise level to enhancing the cooling capacity more than ever before. We've also highlighted the mechanism individual below that we've incorporated into the PS five council to make the operating sounds even quieter after an extensive and complex trial and error process. We have a we were pleased with the end result and I, cannot wait to hear fans give their hands on impressions of the Playstation Console and quote here it for themselves. So Gary, as we go through this, you see starting to cut cut around it Kevin. Can you go back to the very first shot this man with the playstation five there you go. Yeah. Just give me a wide shot of this thing. Place five tear down. It's GonNa Fade INEAR. Yet played efforts. This is. Keri. Look at how fucking big this thing that's a big thing you know what I mean as very. Getting hot and bothered by this thing, it's decent and I love it. Size does matter Greg and. I I'm sorry but law, it's we all knew it was going to be big. We not seeing these renders we've seen these comparison. Speculative images and people said Oh you know. Surely. It's not this'll that it's not that big I always said we need to see it like really like see someone holding what we need see into flesh to really get a sites. Now we've seen it my. Off? That is. I'm sorry you know I'm not anti playstation two, three order I'm very excited about. Time out a fulltime out if someone's going to look at this Intel you that is not an. Enormous system they are on another plane what they're tryin-. I'm sorry but it is I think even play I. Think this is something that I like to think that all of us can cross these tribal lines in even the most hardcore playstation fan would surely be willing to admit that thing is comically lodge comically lodge

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