D.C. Ballot Drop Boxes Open


To cast your ballot early, there are now dozens of ballot boxes across the district that are waiting for your votes. Just outside the 10 Li Friendship Library here along Wisconsin Avenue, a large white box standing about 6 FT. Tall is marked on all sides. Official ballot. Dropbox. Now there isn't anyone manning the box. But there is a warning that the box is under surveillance and tampering with it is a crime. The small opening in the front makes for an easy drop. There are 54 other boxes, just like its spread across all eight wards, D C voters, Khun Drop their bell it at any one of them at any time now, until 8 P.m. on Election day for anyone who prefers to drop their ballot off in person. Early voting sites will open on the 26th in Maryland and the 27th in the district. Many sights are already open in Virginia. Melissa

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