Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey defends decisions not to prosecute officers involved in fatal shootings


Of law enforcement supporting me because they trust me. I'm fair. I do prosecute law enforcement officers. I don't prosecute him for political reasons in order to get an office and to stay in office, and I think it's important for people to remember that at the Lake County District attorney's office has never looked the other way. We do in fact, look at these cases, but they're challenging their difficult. L. A District attorney Jackie Lacey during an ABC seven debate over the weekend, defending her decisions not to prosecute officers involved in fatal shootings During her eight years in office. Lacey is vying for a third term as head of the nation's largest local prosecutor's office. But she is facing her biggest challenge. Yet her opponent is former San Francisco D A and former LAPD assistant chief George Gascon. He is running as a progressive prosecutor and says more needs to be done to address racial bias in law enforcement. They're systemic racism of the system, systemic racism that comes from the very creation along force in this country, which was deeply and better in the institution of slavery and continue that way for many years to come. It is no accident. When you look at our jails and prisons, you see that they're mostly populated. White, black and brown people. It is no accident. When you see the use of police deadly force. Most of the time. The recipient of the force are black and brown people. In the wake of nationwide protests over high profile police killings this year. How to prosecute police misconduct is now the central issue in the race.

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