Chasing Space: Astronaut Leland Melvin’s Journey From Sports To Space

Innovation Now


As the only NFL player to fly in space former astronaut League Melvin knows how to tackle the problem. This is innovation. Now, bringing you stories of revolutionary ideas, emerging technologies and the people behind the concepts that shaped the future after Playing College Football Leland Melvin was drafted by the NFL when his football career as a wide receiver was cut short because of an injury, Leland pursued his passion for engineering while working at NASA a co worker gave him an astronaut application, but Leila didn't intend to be an astronaut. So he didn't complete the form when the next round astronauts were being chosen. His friend once again handed him an application and Leland was accepted into the program. During a spacewalk simulation Melvin lost his hearing a small foam block that allows astronauts to clear their ears was missing from his training suit. It was two full years before he recovered enough to be considered for spaceflight yet Leland went on to log nearly six hundred hours in space. Now, retired from NASA Leland encourages people to stay curious followed their passions and never give up even when your dreams have you chasing space

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