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Well, I can't tell the story. What had happened? I want to say what had happened. But what I think what happened is gonna We're going anyway. What happened? Let's go to traffic. Terrible dog. What had happened is rather kid. The van here guys got 6 12 of the Sky country. Here's the deal. I've just flown 85 between the loop in Midtown and I've seen four different Rex blocking lanes. The latest one is south of Mentality or 85. South Cheshire Bridge exit 88 that far away from where people should eat afterwards in the pancake house after the peace of the road race, it is an Albany a dollar to 85 with just got always re opened after a at almost four hours. Fire Delphic and clean up on 25 west. The introduced southeast Atlanta Jokes Road exit 55 about 40 minute delay is coming down for my 20 the north half of the perimeter. 25 5 years settled. It should just adorable glue. Brush our boat, y'all. Thank you, Doug. So our quest are one of our questions of the night. Are you gonna be running virtually don't do the quotation when the air quotes Are you gonna be running virtually in the Petri road race on Thanksgiving Morning, and it says it's a 26 through the 29th. Assuming you have from Thanksgiving Day running so I could start running on Thanksgiving. Stop and pick up again on the 27 after you have a plate. Yeah, right. Yeah. This is not the same thing. But do you understand what I'm saying? I'm not. I'm not criticize. I'm not a runner, So it's not. But they have to do something. And that brought

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