Guild Esports Banned For Cheating


Competitive integrity. It's a perfect segue. Okay This is from Collect points dot com and the headline here was riot. Disqualifies guilty sports from valerie. I strike you. Social media follows so everyone knows guilty. Sports they paid twenty million dollars to david beckham To have any sports team. And now they have a team that has been essentially banned from valerien first-strike which is the the tournament that riot is putting on and the reason is that in a previous match. They had exploited essentially a bug in the game. So there was a bug in the game that allowed guild to to have a view that was not normally sort of possible basically By exploiting a bug so they had better vision than their opponent as a consequence of exploiting this bug and and essentially they've been banned as a consequence and social backlash. the social media backlash was. Hey you know. It's it's unfortunate. But like they used. They exploited a bug. You left in your game right if you didn't want people to exploit it. You should have fixed the bug. That's kind of the counter argument. I'm curious where all three of you fall on this from a competitive integrity standpoint. Since we know lindsey so loose on competitive integrity this should not bother you at all right now exploring you the bug big deal. Leave them in. Is that how you feel is. Is anyone familiar. With the story of civilization kelly son who ran one of the essentially kelly sign was a gambling wizard who ran achieve at Reading diamond patterns on cards. In a way that i will literally never understand in casinos and her in phil ivey ran a one hundred million dollars scam around the world scam around the world because dealers would use her cards in this game that she was able to read and dealers accepted her cards. Use them when she was able to read them win a. I don't know how that could be any all except for the dealers to agree to use her car. Did not the house car Exact thing to me just as they any doesn't mean that they should get paid for it so you think even though it's a bug and the bug that because the publisher leaves it in the game. It's okay jeff. You agree with that. I think i grew that unless you know if this was a i guess i'm not familiar enough This above everyone knew about and it was in the rules of the need aac. Don't use this bug. I don't know how many new the bug existed but guild was the only one that exploited it view that as competitive ingenuity. I mean i'm a. I'm a jets fan unfortunately but you we always lament as the patriots. They seem to every you know. Every year they have. Bill comes up with some ingenious somewhat. Corrupt immoral micra jets and you will never hear patriots man call bill. Belichick's maneuvers corrupt. But but but it's the way they've been the rules within the rules of the game but it's sort of grey areas and yet. I don't think there's anything wrong with that process at grudgingly. You know as long as you're within the rules of the game so if something wasn't right now let wall prior. I think it's a bogus to come back and say after game. Hey you broke some. We didn't actually happen place. That's weird to me. I mean william are you. Is this like unanimous agreement. Here you think this is okay. You're you're muted william. He still goes. Okay is just one hundred. And twenty-fifth show your muted william. You're my friend. Go there we go. How about that is that this is the rare times. I got to pull out my team owner card canada's okay team start at. I actually have a pro team. That competes in valerie. Went in. I strike right now. We're actually ranked above guilty sports. Shout out. I think we're top. Five number five in the rankings. Right now but And invalid rights. I know about this three earliest first of all all of the time. There are soft bands enforced by teams and players for things that you could theoretically doing the game but the competitive said. You can't do the most classic example is skins right. Publishers wanted to all these crazy cool skins but actually some of them have competitive advantage right and so usually and most competitive e sports. There's a soft list of banned skins which are like. Hey we know you could pick these skins but like don't do it because they're not okay. They don't differentiate enough from the background on this map or saying like oh the publishers left in the game so it's their fault like there's just tons of things you're not allowed to do that are left in the game right now and everybody accepts that. So that's one two is. It's very clearly an exploit in a bug right like yes. It's a view that you can technically normally achieve. But it's very clearly an expert in a bug and four competitive broadcast matches. You don't typically take advantage of exploits in bugs. For exactly this reason you recognize there is a risk versus reward profile. Which is if you are taking advantage of a bug and you know the public or like riot has a very firm anti exploit policy. You're living on the razor's edge. And i think this very simply came down to g. Two is probably the strongest team in europe. right now they're ranked number one in almost all the rankings. I think guild really felt they needed an edge and decided to roll the dice on this. And guess what if you use an exploit and it is bad and people know about it and like you rolled the dice. There you are you. Should you should get the details. So i understand the frustration because it's a great story. It's a new team. They're doing really bell they built they beat an entrenched leader in g. Two and i think as much as has fans they're more and more being known as the bad guy out of europe right but like the reality is like you know. It's the same way you got a red card and soccer if you fall down and fake fake a trip right like yes sometimes you get away with it and in the tough games maybe s take a dive and hope the rap doesn't say but if he got called the red card and you lived with that and i think that's the situation here

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