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For boomers show Now I do want to make sure you know about one more show. I do real quick. I do another show called the crypto Cousins. You could find that a crypto cousins calm, but I bring friends of mine on and we talked about Bitcoin. And usually they are friends that know a lot of Maura about Bitcoin than I do. That's how I educate myself about Bitcoin is from bringing him on. Crypto cousins show, So check that out. Go to the website crypt of cousins that calm and check that out and see what you think of that show. I have some great interviews with people on that show. Now this is going to be We have one more segment of the show to go before adding here. So after this break, we're going to come back with a big coin for boomer show and I have a little article I want to read you try and that the show every month every week. Every day. Every time I do it with another article about Bitcoin and I've got a great one for you this time. So we will see you right after this break and remember Tell everyone you know about this show. Let's spread the word about Bitcoin. That's what we really wanted to moving back in just a moment with the Bitcoin for boomer show.

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