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Confident and carefree. How about this weather? Can we keep it? We'll get you that six day forecast in just a moment. But first traffic news. We're back to the Nimitz with Kim. We're seeing a blue sky sunshine and a lot of brake lights for that North found a ride out of Fremont problems in Hayward or clear a crash a street. We also had some debris in the lanes, and now it's bogging down out of Fremont approaching. Alright Oh Niles in Union City, nothing official from Highway patrol, but the case of his ways it four says there's an accident and that would explain why it's so bogged down there. Nearby and mill Peters the ways of horse also reporting summit roadwork backing up the right on south about 8 80 right before you get 2 to 37. I definitely see the brake lights there. Just past Mission and Mountain view is another problematic situation here for the North bound ride crash at San Antonio Road involving a truck that dumped its load during this crash. It has been cleared to thank goodness. Three lanes were blocked. They're still a solid backup. North found at 101 from Highway 85. But all lanes open this update brought to you by your Bay area, Mercedes Benz dealers and a quick check of the South Bay. Very quiet there. See if you brake lights, leaving the South Bay between Bailey and Morgan Hill on South bound. Wanna one that said. That's typical. For this time of day. Nothing beats the star on the top of your tree, except for the star on the hood of a Mercedes bands. The winter event is back with a flurry of exceptional offers visit Mbusa com slash winter event to learn more or visit your Bay Area. Mercedes spends a dealer for Test drive today. Next update. 2 48 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Let's talk six day Bay Area weather forecast It is just a lovely day. Very mild temperatures bumped up a few degrees from

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