What's the Best Time to Eat Dessert?


When is the best time to eat dessert. I've heard that it's better to eat it immediately. Following a meal because the protein and the meal will help stabilize the blood sugar. But i'm often too full after my meal to enjoy desert. I'd prefer to wait a couple of hours. In fact i often crave a sweet bite a couple of hours after eating his that. My blood sugar plummeting well. This is an interesting question. Let's start by taking a look at how eating dessert affects your blood sugar. Our blood sugar does go up after we eat and not just desert but this is not necessarily a problem in fact it's how the system is designed most of the carbohydrates we consume are broken down into glucose which is then absorbed into the bloodstream when blood sugar levels go up. It triggers the release of insulin from the pancreas which ushers the glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells of the body. They're the glucose used as fuel or if no more fuel is needed it's stored for future use. It's also true that carbohydrates cause a faster rise in blood sugar when they're eaten by themselves but this is also not necessarily a problem if it's not a huge amount of carbohydrate then no matter how fast it's absorbed your blood. Sugar can only get so high and then assuming that your body is capable of producing insulin and your cells are reasonably responsive to its effects. Your blood sugar will gradually returned to normal regardless of how quickly or slowly it's absorbed however eating an excessive amount of sugar or carbohydrate can be a problem for one thing no matter how slowly it's taken up into your bloodstream. It all gets in there eventually. So if you are consuming more calories than you can use. The excess will be stored as fat. But what happens if your body is not able to efficiently. Clear that sugar from your blood into your cells because it's possible for the cells to become resistant to the effects of insulin. And when this happens. The sugar isn't cleared as effectively from the bloodstream. Only is it not available then as an energy source for yourselves but chronically high blood sugar can lead to a number of serious health issues. Insulin resistance is often the first step in developing type two diabetes. A lot of us. Worry that if we eat too much sugar too often it will lead us to develop insulin. Resistance or diabetes. But now we understand. It's more the other way around insulin. Resistance or poorly controlled diabetes results in chronically. High blood sugar. It turns out that eating a lot of sugar or eating foods that are rapidly converted into blood. Sugar are not the primary risk factors in the development of insulin resistance. The primary factors are excess body weight especially around the waist and a sedentary lifestyle. Now that doesn't mean that eating a lot of sugar have consequences if your body weight starts to drift up whether from over eating sweets or any other food that does increase your risk of insulin. Resistance in other words for those who do not have diabetes or insulin. Resistance the short term impact of desert on your blood. Sugar is probably not as big a concern as the long term impact of desert on your body weight. Our podcast received support from aero garden. Aero garden is the world's number one indoor garden system it's a way to grow your own veggies and at home with no son soil or green thumb required. Their largest gardens have room for up to twenty four plants and three feet of height to support full-sized veggie plants but there are also options for smaller gardens. If you're space is limited and it couldn't be simpler. An automated system handles all of the plant care and provides reminders to feed water. 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Anita wondered for example whether the fact that she starts to crave a sweet treat a couple of hours after eating might be assigned that her blood sugar is plummeting a couple of hours after a full meal. Your blood sugar may be beginning to return back to baseline. But that's not the same as plummeting and it's not a problem. It's fine for your blood to remain at baseline. For a couple of hours. Your cells will still have plenty of energy from your last meal. It's more likely that once we're no longer full our minds simply return to the thought of that appealing desert. There's a really big difference between being not full and being actually hungry and when sweets and snacks sound good but vegetables or another healthy choice doesn't sound that good. That's usually a sign that were not. Actually hungry were responding to other triggers such as boredom habit or simply the presence of attempting food. So how can we responsibly. Enjoy desert in terms of managing your blood. Sugar there's really not a big difference between eating dessert with your meal or a couple of hours later even though you feel less full after a couple of hours there's likely to still be enough food making its way through your digestive system to cushion the blow in fact there's even something called the second meal effect which means that a- protein-rich meal can blunt the effect of carbohydrates. Eaten up to four hours later waiting. A couple of hours might allow you to enjoy your dessert a little bit more than you would immediately after the meal and if we're going to have dessert let's be sure and enjoy it on the other hand waiting until later. Could tempt you to eat more than you would if you were to eat it with your meal so if you prefer to eat your dessert a couple of hours after dinner just be sure. The portion sizes stay reasonable. And if you want to enjoy desert with your meal you could always eat just a bit less of that main meal so that you have room for a bite or two have desert without over filling your stomach and finally whether or not you have diabetes and or not you choose to have dessert or when you choose to enjoy it. There is a simple and pleasant way to lower post meal. Blood sugar levels. Just take a fifteen to thirty minute. Walk around the neighborhood. It will help with digestion. It'll keep those blood sugar levels steadier while you digest your food and may even help you sleep a little bit. Better

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