Ep. 25 The Weekly Bugle Vol 5 | The Mandalorian Chapter 12, Loki, The Snyder Cut, & More!


That out will link in the website for you. Yes that was was a fun one. There was a lot in that one yet. There were a lot of good runs. I have dark trooper theory. So if you're interested there's some possibilities there it could go in different directions and it's going to be amazing. I'm so excited so good. And so you know the marvel front. We had some necessarily news but Some falcon and the winter soldier sand. Yeah that's shared a photo from the set up and you can't really see too much except it. You know obviously like he anthony. Mackie always have some great back and forth banter. I also noticed that on sebastian's Stuntman shared the same photo on his account Sebastian tagged him in the he restored. Also but you can see like the big boom arm in the back from one of the boom cranes and their director's chairs or whatever while they're just kind of hanging out on set but the photo was just you know it's all like black and white or sepia tone just great photo but also just makes it really wanna know what's going on. You're like because Word some excitement. That's that's one of the ones. I'm super excited for because obviously if you know us bucky barnes is literally like our favorite other than cats america. Joe yeah. I'm excited for the show. It just seeing something has been great. You know 'cause. I feel like we haven't seen much of that one since the super bowl which feels like forever ago teaser spots so an totally random now since we're talking about sebastian tan. I was walking watching gossip. Girl was so v. the other day in an episode of that dead. I did not know that now. I just like you know like half watching it because it's a good show but i don't. It's one of those. That i can listen to kinda half watching the background so as was like writing something and i heard the voice. I looked up and i was like do this age like jahmai now like how goodness that's like random and and other random marvel not news but something. I don't know what to call it. jeremy renner shared a time lapse video of him getting a like a facial mole done. So it's curious hawkeye in the comics whereas like the in the movies. He has not worn anything over his face. But that doesn't mean they couldn't go like the wanda vision route where they have the whole halloween thing going on where they're in those classic costumes or maybe he wears it for some other reason. I don't know. But as curious curiouser and curiouser to see it pop up especially since we haven't heard much about the hawkeye show ran awhile so it was. It was interesting enough to be like. Oh okay fair question. Yeah rajan little bit. Yeah sounds like some internet stockings and play for sure. Always buy bigger like disney plus news so some low rumors have been going around and these are a little bit more substantiated. Guess than just seeing little glimpses or time lapse videos. Yes the theory is is that we're gonna see more than one version of loki in the upcoming series and not all of them will. Yeah sarif the theory is we will see more than one. Version of loki in the series. And not all of them will be played by tom. Hit allston reportedly richard e grant has been cast to play classic loki. So i wonder if that'll be like comic actor loki and that's interesting so the the reason why that's Being reported it's because it he's been assigned a stunt man on imdb and we know anybody can add imdb but these studios are pretty tight lipped about things your es for anybody to attach themselves to that kind of a project without actually being involved well and we know from personal experience and contacts in the industry that when people just kind of update imdb for things especially like this the pr for the companies are super fast to make those edits for still away right like they yanked so quickly so the odds of that being accurate. If it's still there pretty high right. I know that you know. We've also heard rumors of a kid. Loki with no actual evidence to support it. But i mean if we're gonna get like a council of low keys. I wonder if we'll see lady locate. Because i think that would be interesting. An interesting dynamic for tom to play off of so i did not see this but somebody this morning one of our friends. Mike mentioned the he had seen somewhere. That lady sieff was confirmed. Issue confirmed i know. Jamie alexander shared on instagram that she was headed to atlanta for work. Loki is currently filming in atlanta. That was a rumor when the show was announced that she would show up. It'd be nice to see her back. So i hope it's a hundred percent confirms because i like lady said

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