The Molly Bish Case

Murder Minute


Molly bish was born on august. Second nineteen eighty three to parents. John bish senior a probation officer and magi bish an elementary school teacher in her early childhood. Molly her parents and her siblings. Heather and john junior lived in detroit michigan but when a young woman was abducted in their neighborhood while walking home from work and was later found murdered. They decided to move the bish family left detroit and moved to warn massachusetts a small community which they thought would be a much safer place to raise children in the summer of two thousand molly. Bish was a bright and well liked sixteen year old honor student and accomplished athlete and she was about to start her first job. Molly began work as a lifeguard at commons pond. A local man made swimming area surrounded by a forest. Her older brother john junior had been a lifeguard there and molly took over his position on the morning of june twenty seventh two thousand at nine. Am molly woke too bad news. One of her soccer team mates had been hit by a car while biking to work and was in critical condition. Molly was worried and upset but she had only been on the job for eight days and it was the first day of swim lessons at the pond. Somali decided that she go to work. Molly and her mother maggie headed out to commons pond. At nine fifty. Am they stopped by convenience store to pick up some water bottles their next stop. Was the police station where they picked up the required two way radio. This was necessary as there were no telephones at commons pond. The radio was the only way for the lifeguards to contact police or emergency assistance. If someone needed help just before ten. Am they arrived at the pond. Molly told her mother that she loved her left the car and made her way to her lifeguard post. Just before the first swimmers of the day arrived as the first people started to arrive at the pond. A mother noticed that there was no lifeguard on duty. When she approached mali's station she found her backpack a towel draped on the chair her whistle her sandals and the first aid kit which was open assuming that molly had wandered off with her friends and with swimming lessons having started. The mother sat in the lifeguards. Chair and assumed mali's duties for the rest of the lesson. She then informed the parks. Commissioner and mali's boss and that there was no lifeguard on duty at eleven forty four. Am when molly hadn't returned. Ed coke police. It had been just three hours since she dropped off her daughter at work. When molly's mother maggie received the phone call. She then called molly's sister heather and they rushed to the police station at first. The warren police department didn't take the incident seriously believing that the teenager had ditched work to hang out with her friends. They thought that molly was probably just upset about her teammate. Being hurt maggie and heather visited the hospital to see if molly had gone to visit her friend. But she hadn't been there. They then went to her boyfriend's house but he hadn't heard from her so maggie. Heather and molly's boyfriend went to commons pond. There were no signs of struggle at the scene. But molly's family knew that she would not have just wandered off and abandoned her post and all of her belongings.

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