Local Teen’s ‘Big Year’ Breaks Chicago's Cook County Birding Record


At all. But I have to say one of my favorite things of the fall, and it's It's happened for 10 years or so now. Are they both up there? Well, the so is is when the sand hill cranes fly over and I can hear them and they sound like this count to me. Sounds like turkeys, but they fly high in the air, and I was out for a walk it Ryerson Woods over this weekend. And heard them and was able to see them. I just think it's one of the coolest things. Carl Giammetti is on phone line. He is with the board member of the Chicago Order, Ornithology logical society. There's a story behind that I was too long to tell. And also on a phone line is issue. O'Brien, who set the record for most birds, identified for this year in Cook County for a year, I should say And issue is 17 years old issue. Welcome to W G. N Thank you so much for having me. You bet. Okay, so I didn't know you know what I'm talking about? What? Sandhill cranes. I'm sure right? Yes, I do. And this is the time that they're flying overweight. They fly way up above us. And but you can hear them. They're incredibly loud. Yeah, There are some incredible birds and they will migrate in really huge flocks. They make a lot of noise, too. So I think they definitely stand out to a lot of people whether or not your burger. But anyway yeah. Some of the most incredible migrating birds that passed through this area without a question. Okay, So you have identified well as of the copy I read in the Tribune 282 Birds. Is that where we're standing still? Um, I've actually gained a few more sense than, um I'm hoping that maybe I'll be lucky enough to hit the 2 90 marks, but we'll see one of the most recent ones you've seen. I'm sorry, but I think that I've added a couple. Um, some nice winter finches have been a highlight about it. Evening. Gross speak as well as the white Wing Cross. Still, another one has been spotted Toey and I'm blanking on other 10. The other one. How could I forget? Um, a cast in Sparrow, which is actually Um, one of the very few records of the species in the steak s. Oh, without question one of the most notable birds on my year list for sure. Sandhill cranes sound like for everyone. I'm glad you're okay. And it's just one of those sounds When I hear it. I just look up and I'm always raking leaves or walking somewhere in the fall, So that's pretty cool. Carl Geum Eddie is on the phone line as well from the Ornithological society in his Carl. So my producer Jeff Garlin. All day was mispronouncing and I said, Don't do it again because I want people to do it on the air, and then I screwed it up. But so issues having a quote unquote big year explain what a big year is for me. So essentially what a big year is that Ah Burger will choose a geographic area can be something that small is just your yard or could be something is largest the entire world. But county and state levels are usually probably the most popular ones to do because they're more manageable. And basically from January 1st at you know, at 12:41 A.m. 2 December 31st 11 59 pm You try to see his many different species of bird as you can. The nice thing about this story that I read in the Tribune, um, written by Morgan Green is the cooperation that's involved with other burgers to help someone in their big year. Can you tell me about that? Absolutely. Yeah, it's who did an incredible job, and especially with the added complication of covert closing a lot of like front sights. Hey, really discovered a lot of areas but really tol have a successful big year requires a lot of people sharing information about what birds they're seeing, and that's why I like to kind of say It's obviously issues achievement. He is deserve all the credit. But it also says something about the health of Ah local birding community that they're able to support new, big your records and things like that. So it's really a great thing to see. So is to explain that so you're a home watching TV or having dinner with your family, your phone chirps and all of a sudden, well chirps. How's that for upon you've got to get in the car and chased down the bird. Yeah, that is pretty much how it goes, I think Right now. We're very lucky to live in a time where we have technology at our fingertips. And I think with it a lot of birds as well because people are able to get the word out so quickly. So as soon as I get a call from a friend or a text message from our local Rare bird alert group chat. I will be in the car soon as I possibly can. And how? What's the further you? Did? I read your live in Evanston. Yeah. Okay, So if you're going to Southern Cook County or even Northwestern Cook County that's quite a hook. What's the farthest you've gone to wreck your to identify a bird? I think this year. I mean, I think I've gone is pretty much as far as the boundaries of cook County could take me. Um I'd say probably an hour and hour and 15 minutes is about as far as I've gone you've identified you said about 288 birds so far. You'd like to get to 300 Carl, how many different bird species are in Cook County? Well, you know, it varies based on you know, kind of weather patterns and the type of your it is some years we got more vagrants, Other others we don't but generally believed the cook list is somewhere close to 400. I think a few short of 400 here. So, Yeah, I

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