United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an “immediate, unconditional ceasefire” in Afghanistan

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Secretary general antonio guitarist has issued a strong appeal for an end to bloodshed in afghanistan to save lives and prevent the further spread of covid. Nineteen reiterating his call for an immediate unconditional ceasefire. Mister gutierrez. on tuesday told pledging for development conference in geneva that an end to fighting could only help ongoing peace negotiations. His message follows continued high levels of violence inside afghanistan including an attack earlier this month at kabul university where gunmen killed more than twenty students. A halt to the high levels of violence blighting. The country would represent a major opportunity to achieve long-held aspirations of the afghan people the un secretary general explained c- called for an inclusive peace process in which women young people and victims of conflict were represented in negotiations in qatar. Mister guitarist highlighted how afghan women had paid a high price in the conflict. Many have been subjected to extreme violence while others had lost loved ones or were denied opportunities. Despite these setbacks women continue to play a central role in creating peaceful inclusive communities with more opportunities for all the un chief said showing on a daily basis that their efforts towards sustainable and development can change lives for the better

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