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To the masters in psychology. Podcast we're psychology. Students can learn from psychologists educators and practitioners to better understand what they do how they got there and to hear the advice they have for those interested in getting a master's degree in psychology or related. Field i'm your host brad schumacher. And today we have the privilege of talking with gabrielle ferrara. After graduating from morristown high school gabrielle attended university of miami where she received her. Ba in psychology and criminology. She then attended rutgers university where she received her masters degree in clinical social work with an emphasis in mental and behavioral health gabrielle served as a mental health counselor and she did her internship at the immediate care psychiatric center in parsippany new jersey. Gabrielle is a licensed social worker and currently works at the counseling center in middlesex. New jersey as a substance use and mental health therapist. Gabriel welcome to our podcast ink spread. I'm happy to be here My name's gabriel ferrara. I'm really honored to be on your podcast. Thank you for having me. Well you're welcome. Thank you for being on the podcast. I know that a lot of our listeners are going to get a lot from you today. A lot of things going on especially in the last six months i mean. You've you've graduated with your masters degree. You started a new job. You got engaged. Congratulations thank you. Thank you and you actually have your first blog post on psychology today so a lot of exciting things in the last six months It's been an exciting time. So let's go ahead and get right into it. I kinda wanted to open up the floor for you and ask you. Tell me a little bit more about yourself. Other than what that introduction. You know what i did with the introduction for all of our audience members yes so i mean you covered it pretty well introduction. But i'm from new jersey born and raised. I'm currently still living. Where i grew up in marseilles town Just getting into the field of social work and starting my career in my free time. I have a adorable little rescue dog that keeps me busy and keeps me on my toes. So yeah i mean. I just happy to be here talking about my experience and my rite aid and My my career at this point. We'll good good i. How did you actually decide to get your bachelor of arts and psychology and criminology. What made you decide to go that route so it's actually a funny story. I started college as a pre med neuroscience major and then i realized that there was a lot of science and math involved in that that i was not interested in so i but i still really had a passion for mental health in the brain and all that stuff so the next logical step seemed to go into seem to be to go into psychology so i switched my major psychology and began taking some courses and saw that there was an overlap between mental health and the criminal justice system and some of those common themes among the two fields and so i added a criminology degree as well and of combine the two and got to see some of the overlap and it was an incredible combination of studies and field work and just a really good overall experience. Based on our research on the website we are seeing more of the that overlap with criminology and psychology or and more of those Psychologists are needed in the criminal justice system as well. So it's interesting that you chose that route You know the next follow up. Question is what is you know. At what point did you come up with the idea of becoming a therapist. Yeah so that is something that didn't stand out to me at first. I wasn't really sure what i want to do. With my psychology and criminology degree. I considered going into the fbi. Some sort of police criminal justice work and then ultimately subtle settled. It's not the right word. But i made the decision to be therapist and go into clinical work based on my own experience in therapy. And i think we're gonna get into that a little bit later but my own experience in therapy and my good dot experiences with different therapists really motivated me to want to get back. Beat up person for someone else. Because i've had very good therapist and are not so great therapists over the years. Not just kind of comes with the territory but it really motivated me to want to continue studying psychology understanding it understanding people and being a person for others to connect with the actually interesting that you brought that up. If you don't mind i'm gonna go ahead and share my screen. And i'm going to share one thing with you and the audience and i liked your tagline here and you should see the psychology today website here in. Here's your most recent blog post. Why showing emotion as a therapist is okay sometimes and if you notice on the left side. Your tag is gabrielle. Ferrera therapist who sees therapist. Tell us a little bit more about that and how you came up with that idea. Yeah so. I actually got that idea from a book. I read earlier this year. I think i've been late last year. Actually and it was a book by lori gottlieb. she's a psychotherapist and author and also as speaker and she has a memoir called. Maybe you should talk to someone. And in that memoir she about her own experience as a therapist and also her time that she spent going to therapy and that book really resonated with me and it was the first time that i had connected so deeply with a therapist who also goes to therapy themselves. And i knew that a lot of therapists go to therapy. And it's something that were encouraged to do in grad school but reading. That book really made me feel like it was something normal and it was something nachos normal but an asset it was a strength to be in therapy myself and also be on the other side being in that helping possession.

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